A 10-Year-Old Young Girl Fully Recovered From Lichen Planus With Homeopathic Medicine

If you have developed red, purplish, or blackish itchy eruptions on your skin then don’t ignore them. It could be Lichen planus. For the confirmatory diagnosis, you should consult a good dermatologist. 
Lichen Planus is an autoimmune disorder, where the immune system attacks the skin or mucous membrane. In skin lichen planus, red, purplish, and itchy eruptions appear on the skin surface. The itching and burning discomforts are also observed along with the eruptions. It can be treated with conventional and homeopathic medicines. However, steroid-based ointment and oral medicines do not give a permanent solution or relief. Owing to the autoimmune nature of the condition, some therapy that works on the immune system is required. And, homeopathy is a good solution for treating Lichen planus. 
This case study also illustrates the excellent results of homeopathic treatment for Lichen planus.
This case study is of a 10-year-old girl named Ms. T.H.K. (PIN: 39477) at Life Force center. She, accompanied by her parents, consulted at Life Force center in February 2019 for treating her skin Lichen Planus. She had been suffering from this complaint for the last 8-9 months. Her disease was rapidly spreading on her whole body, except for the face and genital. She had been taking conventional treatment from 6-7 months but wasn’t getting satisfactory results. She used steroid-based medicines while following conventional treatment.
Her detailed case was taken for the homeopathic prescription. Her physical and mental generals, past and family history, and everything were noted. 
As per her physical generals, she was a non-vegetarian. She was very fond of sweets and chocolates. Her other physical generals, such as thirst, bowel movement, sweating, sleep, etc., were normal. 
Mentally, she was short-tempered and irritable. She was an introvert also. She studied in 3rd class. She was a single child. 
In her family, her paternal relatives had high blood pressure complaints, and her mother had a history of frequent abortions.
Based on her case details, Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based molecule of lichen planus to the patient and advised a few blood tests.
The patient was regular with the medicine. In her blood reports, vitamins were deficient, so she was advised to take the supplements. After 4 months of following homeopathic medicines, her condition was 50% improved. The progressiveness of her ailment had stopped, and, in her active eruptions, improvement in relief was observed. Her itching and burning had also reduced.
In November 2019, she reported a 70% improvement in her relief in the skin condition. No new eruptions had appeared. A few old eruptions were inactive, and others had improved. The itching had turned mild. She was taking only homeopathic medicine for 8 months and had already stopped having conventional medicine for many months. 
Due to the autoimmune nature of the disease, the patient’s parents informed the appearance of a few new eruptions on her leg in February 2020. But, most of the old eruptions were inactive. Relief in the old eruptions had 90% improved. Due to the development of new eruptions, some changes in the prescription was done by Dr. Shah and the patient was advised to report after 2 months.
In April 2020, she informed that she had experienced a complete recovery from her skin condition. No new eruptions had appeared, and all old eruptions had healed. No itching nor any other complaint was bothering the patient. Only dull hyperpigmented spots were observed on a few body parts, so she was advised to apply coconut oil on it and stop the treatment.
Recently, when we spoke to her parents, it was found that the patient was fine. No other complaint was reported.
This case illustrates the beauty of homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is highly effective in treating many chronic and autoimmune diseases safely without any side-effects. It is also helpful in enhancing immunity. Homeopathy is a highly effective and safe scientific treatment for many acute, chronic, and complicated diseases.

-Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, (MD, Hom)

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