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A 10 Years Chronic Case Of Frequent Colds Treated In Just 8 Months At Life Force Homeopathy

Mr. V.N.K. (PIN: 40570) visited Life Force Homeopathy for the treatment for his Chronic Frequent colds which were bothering him from the last 10 years.  He was suffering from recurrent cold every 3-4 months along with yellow, thick, sticky, dark, string-like discharges and a nose block. Expectoration was difficult and needed straining. He was experiencing the pressure at the root of the nose. Also, he was suffering from frontal and temporal headaches. He was suffering from a dry cough daily with the sensation as if something was stuck in the throat. Also, he was suffering from symptoms, such as the pain in the ears, redness, burning sensation, watering of eyes, sore throat, fever with chills, and body pains. The patient had contracted swine flu in the past which made his condition even worse. He also had lost his sense of smell, wherein he was unable to differentiate various odors; instead, a constant smell of a burning wick was bothering him. There was an increase in his complaints about the change in the weather & the winter.  He had taken many treatments but none worked for him to completely eradicate this frequent cold complaint.
Further details of the case are as follows. 
He had a mixed diet with an average appetite. He had a liking for salty, spicy, sour sweets, and fried foods. He had an average thirst and was experiencing profuse perspiration in the summer and generalized sweat, which had an offensive odor & that left a stain on the clothes. He could not bear the hot weather. He had no digestive troubles or urinary complaints. He had an average built. He had a disturbed sleep but no specific dreams.
He had a happy childhood & a good upbringing. There was no stress in his life, & he was happy & satisfied in his life. By nature, he was very mild, gentle & sober, and very reserved. His friend circle was good but he had limited communication with them. He desired solitude and was very emotional & sensitive. If someone gets hurt, he would feel a lot sorry for that person. He would get angry if something wrong happens and things are not done according to his wish. And, he had a fear of height.
Based on the whole case details, Dr. Rajesh Shah M.D. prescribed his research-based homeopathic medicines for 6 weeks to the patient.
At the first follow-up, the patient experienced 25% relief in his complaints, sensing the constant smell of a burning wick. However, he could not still differentiate between the different odors. His cold complaints were stable. So, based on the condition, further 6-week medicines were prescribed for him.
At the second follow-up, the patient experienced a 50% improvement in his relief in the complaints of the constant smell of a burning wick. This time he could not differentiate between the different odors by taking a deep breath. His cold complaints were still stable. So, based on the feedback, again 6-week medicines were prescribed to the patient.
At the third follow-up, he mentioned that had just a single episode of cold that resolved within a few days without any conventional medicines even in the winter season. there were no thick discharges, & his sense of smell also was improved further. So, a further prescription of 6 weeks was made to the patient.
In the recent follow-up, the patient said that throughout the winter he did not get cold, cough, fever, or any of his complaints which were very common throughout the last 10 years. His sense of smell was stable & he could mildly detect different odors. He is continuing with the treatment for further improvement & complete recovery of his sense of smell. As of now, he is fully relieved of his frequent colds.
This case demonstrates how effective Homeopathy is in treating 10 years of chronic frequent cold within just 8 months of the treatment at Life Force under the guidance of Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D.
-Written by Dr. Aditya Atholi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD.

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