An Engineer Said, “My Herpes Is Well-Treated With Homeopathy At Life Force.”

This is the case study of Mr. M.S.D, (PIN: 20404), who consulted Life Force Homeopathy for Herpes on 16th December 2012.
As we know, Herpes is a viral infection resulting due to the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Due to the infection, sores or blisters are formed in or around the mouth or genitals. Besides the red blisters or bumps, pain and itching appear in the initial stage. Later, ulcers and scabs are formed.
Mr. M.S.D. had been suffering from genital herpes for two years when he consulted for the first time at Life Force. The frequency of the episode was once in a month for five to six days. He had red eruptions on his genitals during the episode. In addition to red sores, he was also suffering from itching and burning. He had taken antiviral medicine during the episode. 
He also had a BEP (benign enlargement of the prostate) complaint for eight years. However, during the consultation, he was asymptomatic and was not taking any medication.
In Homeopathy, for prescribing the medicine, a detailed case is required so we did take all physical, mental, past, family, and other required details.
As per his physical generals, he was a non-vegetarian. He had a craving for sweets but no specific disliking. His thirst was normal. Thermally, he was a chilly patient. His bowel movement was unsatisfactory. His sleep was normal. 
Mentally, he was very short-tempered and hyper. He was extroverted and straight-forward. He was a civil engineer in PWD, and it was a very stressful job for him. He was very sensitive and wept easily.
There was no specific history but, in his family, diabetes was present.
Based on the case details, Dr. Shah prescribed Thuja 30 and his research-based molecule for two months to the patient.
The patient was regular in taking his medicine. After completing six-seven months of treatment, his recovery from the condition was approximately 60% improved. The frequency of his episode had reduced substantially. He had experienced only two episodes in the last five months. The intensity of his symptoms was also reduced. His relief in the other complaint, such as constipation, had also improved.
In August 2013, when the patient visited our center, his improvement in relief was more than 75%. He had not taken any anti-viral medicine for many months. 
After completing a one-year treatment, his condition was very good, so he stopped the treatment. 
In November 2019, the patient again visited Life Force center and informed that, in the last six years, no eruptions had appeared. He noticed a few blisters in the last two to three months so he wanted to restart the homeopathic medicine.
His symptoms were the same, such as mild itching, burning sensation, and 2-3 blisters on the genital. His physical and mental details were the same, so Dr. Shah prescribed the medicine on totality to the patient.
In January 2020, he gave his first feedback. His itching had vanished. The frequency of the episode had reduced.
After five months, he had experienced one mild episode in May 2020. So, as per his symptom, his medicine was changed.
In September 2020, he gave his feedback and updated no outbreak after May 2020. His condition was good. He was regular with the medicine. 
He was quite satisfied with the result he experienced with homeopathy.
This case illustrates that homeopathy is effective in treating many chronic diseases. A detailed and proper case-taking is the key to the right prescription. Like many other diseases, Herpes can be well-treated with Homeopathy remarkably and safely without any side-effects.
-Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD Hom.) 

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