10 years old Chronic Dermographic Urticaria got completely resolved.

Mr. S.V.S (Patient Identification Number 14822) was suffering from dermographic Urticaria for almost 10 years. He would get reddish lines on the scalp and forehead every morning. It would last for an hour.
Itching was there on the scalp. He had taken homeopathy in the past for his Urticaria for almost 8-10 months. It did not give any significant relief. He did not want to take allopathic medicines as he was afraid of side effects. He came to know about Life Force through one of his relatives. He approached Life Force for the treatment of his chronic Urticaria on 11th September 2010. He narrated his details to the associate doctor.

He had an average appetite. He was fond of sweet food. Thirst and bowel habits were normal. He would perspire more on back and neck. He was more tolerant to warm weather. Sleep was sound.

Mr. S.V.S was working with a private company. He was ambitious and hard working. He wanted his work to be perfect and would expect the same from others. He would get irritated if the particular work has not been done in proper way. He would react immediately. He would not tolerate injustice. He was more comfortable when alone. He would never share his inner emotions with anyone.

His case was studied by Dr. Rajesh Shah and constitutional medicine was prescribed. His initial response to the treatment was good. He submitted his first feedback on 11th November 2010. There was 20-30% improvement in his Urticaria. He was getting lines on the scalp and face every morning. Intensity of the itching was better by 20-30%. His next course of medicine was prescribed.

Improvement continued for further 3-4 months. He reported 40-50% relief in his Urticaria on 12th March 2011. Duration of his Urticaria was reduced to 20-30 minutes. Itching was reduced by 40-50%. His next feedback was on 4th August 2012. There was no further improvement in last 3-4 month. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded.

On 24th December 2011, there was 70-80% improvement in his Urticaria. Frequency was reduced to once in 15-20 days. Intensity of itching was better by 70-80%. He responded very well to the treatment. By 5th June 2012 he was completely relieved from his chronic Urticaria. He did not have episode of Urticaria in last 3 months. He was was very much satisfied with the treatment. He was happy to get rid of his long lasting sufferings.

Uploaded by. Dr. G.J. on 19 December 2012.

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