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Immense Recovery From Tinea Cruris Found With Homeopathy

A 33-year-old patient, Mr. R.S. (PIN: 42761) presented with the complaints of the Tinea cruris at Mumbai’s Santacruz branch of Life Force Homeopathy on 20th February 2020. He approached us with intentions for recovery from the relapse of Tinea cruris, which he had experienced during his early years. His skin problem had relapsed and progressive. He opted for homeopathy since he had experienced recovery with it previously when he had flared-up during previous years.
This time, however, he had experienced a flare-up of the infection in the groin region, and it was spreading to his thighs and legs with severe itching. He came with the complaint that had started from 6 -7 years. He used many allopathic creams but there was no improvement. So, he decided to go for homeopathy which is safe, natural, and works on the root cause of the disease condition. He had used many anti-fungal creams and antifungal powders to get rid of this fungal infection. Immense itching and redness along with scaling were present in his groin area, and it used to turn severe on scratching and would bleed. The main triggering factor was his long walks which led to profuse sweat along with the itching. Moreover, his complaints used to get aggravated in the extreme cold weather and the winter.
The patient also had some associated complaints of allergic rhinitis due to which his sneezing used to get aggravated in the cold weather and would lead to a runny nose. He also had complaints of eczema, prominently on his forehead and behind the left ear. He used elocon ointment, a topical steroid as and when required. But, his eczema lesions didn’t heal.
He was an average built male staying with his mother, father, spouse, and a 3-year-old daughter. His hometown was in Udaipur, and he owned a business in Mumbai. He used to get stressed out due to his business often. However, when he was in Udaipur, his complaints of allergic rhinitis and eczema would subside. By nature, he is very friendly and would get angry easily. He was busy with work while giving his case history and was busy picking up phone calls.
As far as his family history is concerned, his father had diabetes mellitus. However, he was free from chronic problems, such as Diabetes and Hypertension.
After studying his case in detail, homeopathic medicines were prescribed to the patient.
When his 1st follow-up was taken on 20th April 2020, he was 50% better with the relief in fungal infection of Tinea cruris. Also, his redness sand itching had reduced drastically. 
When he had come in June 2020, he had experienced a complete recovery from his old lesions, and he was free of tinea by almost 75%. We noticed a marked improvement in his healing and immense recovery from tinea infection. The best part of the treatment was that the patient experienced a rapid recovery. 
By 14th July 2020, he almost achieved 90% improvement in his relief with great progress in his recovery. There was no relapse, and the patient was doing remarkably well. His scratching and itching had reduced, and all the patches were healed by almost 90%. He maintained such follow-up in the following months and was doing well.
We have observed a remarkable improvement from the day this patient enrolled with us throughout these 8 months. Finally, he decided to stop the treatment as his homeopathic treatment plan was successful and he had experienced positive outcomes. He was very happy with the treatment. So far, there has been no relapse of tinea infection, and the patient is doing consistently well.
This case highlights that homeopathy has a powerful effect in treating tinea cruris and fungal infections by addressing and correcting the root cause. We have observed a positive outcome in this case and hope to promote the recovery of many more patients in the future.
-Written by Dr. Rati Parwani, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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