I was able to stop Avil, which i thought i would have to take lifelong, if not for homeopathy...

This case is of Mr. M. Jain, (PIN 13469) a 51 Years male. He came to our clinic with complaints of urticaria.

He was suffering from urticaria since the last 18 months.

He had widespread rashes on the hands and legs. He also had features of dermatography. He had hives every day, lasting for 2-3 hours.

There was intense itching which was better by cold water application and sitting in front of the Air conditioner. Heat and summer would worsen his condition. He would feel better in the cold environment.

He was on antihistamines; he was taking Avil 25 mg, at least twenty times in a month since the last 4-5 years, despite Avil, there was severe itching when the rashes would appear.

Along with the urticaria he also suffered from sinusitis and nose block for which he used to often take a nasal spray.

He was a pure vegetarian and had a marked craving for spicy food.

He had a business of scarp metal.

He was a very jovial person; he would make any one happy in 5 minutes.

He said that he had a very good control on his mind. He was in full control on his emotions.
He said that he always kept his heart and brain separate patient said “I have never let them meet”

Many people came to him with there problems and tensions, but he could guide and reduce there anxiety in five minutes.

He said that he does not have any stress; the only problem in his life was urticaria. He pleaded Dr Shah to cure him.

He had family history of chronic renal failure.

Her case was evaluated as per the homeopathic protocol.

After studying his complete case study, Dr Shah prescribed Lycopodium 30 C

Patient responded very well to the treatment. Just after a month it was seen that the urticaria was much better, the frequency had also drastically reduced and the itching was also better. Patient had not got any episodes since past 7 days.

Patient than reported after 2 months, he was feeling very much better, and he didn’t have any complaints. His recurrent colds were also relieved. In last 6 months he has never been troubled by urticaria. He said that the colds were better by 90%.

He is still under our care to prevent the recurrence.

He was very glad that his long standing urticaria got cured with homeopathy and that too in such a short span of time. He readily stopped Avil 25, a tablet he felt he will have to take life long.

This case illustrates that urticaria responds extremely well to homeopathy and it is a curable condition.

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