Homeopathy Puts An End To Chronic Bronchitis Of A 10-Year-Old Child

A 10-year-old male patient, Mr. A.S. (PIN: 39548) came to Life Force with the complaints of Bronchitis on 19th February 2019. The patient was suffering from complaints of chronic bronchitis with a severe cough. He came to Life Force with the hope of recovery and to put an end to his chronic bronchitis problem. The patient’s main issue was that he was tired of being on allopathy medicines and he was finding it difficult to cope up with coughing.
The patient had complaints for 1 year. He had no relief with the allopathic mode of treatment and was looking for permanent relief and recovery from chronic bronchitis. He had complaints of cough with whitish expectoration and a nose block. He also used to experience mouth breathing at night. He had pain while coughing. The key aspect was that there was a genetic link to asthma in his case. His mother had complaints of asthma. The patient also had breathlessness with a nose block mainly at night. His mother and brother both were suffering from asthmatic bronchitis, and there was a strong genetic link to his problem which needs to be addressed from the root cause. The patient was dependent on inhalers and steroids. The medicines which he took under the guidance of his allopathy doctor were as follows:
1)Foracort-Rotahaler (Budesonide (400 mcg) + Formoterol (6 mcg-Bronchodilator) BD since 1st March 2019.
2)Tab.Azithral 1/2 tablet OD (Antibiotic) for 3 days
3)Sinarest syrup for 3 days
4)Septrin tablet (ayurvedic tablet) once/day for 2 months
He was tired of being on allopathic medicines with no trace of recovery. His dependency on allopathy had increased to a higher level. We decided to take his care and gradually taper off his allopathy medicines. That was a great relief to the patient.
The patient had an average appetite with a great craving for non-vegetarian food, particularly chicken. The patient was also suffering from constipation, and his stools were not satisfied as he consumed only 1 liter of water. He enjoyed a sound sleep and was refreshed and alert in the morning. The patient was quite intelligent in his studies and a very obedient child. He was happy with his parents and growing properly. He was confident, expressive, and athlete, who loved swimming and playing sports. The only fear that he experienced was that of the darkness. He was a good caring and responsible child. His growing years have been stress-free and good.
In his history, he was suffered from a major episode of Dengue, when his immunity was low, and he was admitted to the hospital for medical treatment in 2016. Other than the chronic problem of bronchitis, he had no other problems and was completely fit and fine.
We took his future follow-ups, and he was religiously taking homeopathy medicines without a break. The outcome was positive, and the patient’s relief improved in six months by 50% recovery. We documented his recovery path of progress at Life Force. His drug dependency reduced to a greater extent and he improved in his relief in the symptoms. His episodic attacks of cough were no more bothered him in the next 3 months. 
In 9 months of homeopathic treatment, the patient had experienced a great recovery, as he responded well to the treatment. We appreciate such patients who are dedicated to the treatment of homeopathy and give us that extra motivation to do better in treating the disease for recovery. Slowly and steadily over the past 1 year, his dependency on bronchodilators reduced completely, and he improved in his relief in the symptoms. The expectation and prognosis of the treatment were great, and his recovery was fast.
In the last 3 months, we included medicines that improved his immunity. The immune-booster worked as a maintenance dose in improving the child’s relief in cough. We hope to treat more patients and children with chronic bronchitis and help them recover. The recovery from bronchitis also improved his productivity at studies, and he was more alert and focused as compared to how he was when suffering from the symptoms of cough and nose block. We continued with vitamin supplements for some time during the maintenance therapy which increased his immunity and provided a protective shield to the respiratory problems. We want more patients to recover from these chronic problems and set free from symptoms in the long run.
This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating chronic bronchitis in children successfully and safely without any side-effects. Homeopathy helps in reducing and eliminating drug dependency and offers long-lasting relief.
-Written by Dr. Rati Parwani, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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