100% Recovery From Underactive Thyroid Without Any Conventional Medicines Achieved With Homeopathy

A 25-years-old male patient, Mr. P. Z. (PIN 28600) from Mumbai was under Life Force treatment from 1st March 2016, but in 13th July 2016, his thyroid reports were abnormal so he started treatment for underactive thyroid in Mulund branch. From the past four years, he was suffering from excessive hair fall. He had excessive tiredness. His thyroid hormones were quite high. He was not taken any medication for same complaints.

He also had complaints of acne from the past five years. He had acne on the face and back and they were very painful. He took allopathic treatment for two years.

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He had an average appetite. He preferred a mixed diet. There was a marked craving for eggs and fish. He had a strong disliking for spicy food, milk, and dairy products. He was very sensitive to the heat.

Mr. P.Z. was working in an IT company. He was a software engineer. He was single. His father was working in the flight kitchen. His mother was a housewife. He had good interpersonal relationships with all his family member.

His mother had suffered from an underactive thyroid, diabetes, joints problem, and hypertension.

He had suffered from renal stones which were operated. He also had suffered from constipation.

Mr. P. Z. was an introvert and reserved person. He was very timid so he had selective friends. He couldn’t bear contradicts, and he used to get irritable after that. He liked listening to the music and reading. He had a stage fear, and so he couldn’t perform well. 

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribe Bio- Thyroidinum 6 C along with research-based molecules for an underactive thyroid. 

Mr. P.Z. visited for his first feedback on 20th August 2016. There was overall no change in his condition. His hair fall and tiredness were as it is.

He gave his second feedback on 26th September2016. His tiredness had increased and hair fall was as it is. 

He visited the clinic again on 10th November 2016. Overall, he was much better. His hair fall had reduced up to 50%. Also, his tiredness was reduced up to 50%. His thyroid hormonal level was also reduced than before.

The patient was giving his feedback regularly and accordingly changes were made in his treatment.

Later, Mr. P.Z. reported on 7th February 2017. There was overall 75% improvement in his condition. His hair fall was reduced up to 80%. He felt active and his tiredness was better than earlier.

He gave feedback on 20th March 2017. There was overall more than 100% improvement in his condition. His hair fall, tiredness, and body ache had improved a lot. His thyroid hormones were normal.

He visited on 9th September 2017. There was 100% improvement in his condition. His complaints of hair fall, leg pain, and tried feeling had reduced a lot. His thyroid hormones were normal.
He visited on 3rd March 2018. 100% recovery from his thyroid problem was noted. His acne had also reduced up to 50%.

Following are his thyroid levels reduced from 9.41 to 4.65





















MR P. Z. continues to take homeopathic treatment from Life Force for his other complaint.


This is an excellent illustration of the success with homeopathy without any external supplements. Homeopathic medicines worked at stimulating the thyroid gland and bringing the hormone balance in a short span of time.

- Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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