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An 11-years- Old boy Got excellent improvement from Nephrotic syndrome with homeopathy at LIFE FORCE

An 11 years old boy Master. V. D. M. (PIN 37039 ) visited LIFE FORCE HOMEOPATHY on 2nd June 2018. He was suffering from Nephrotic syndrome since 2012. He had a brief remission for 4 months in 2017 and had a relapse. Now he had Urine Proteins in traces for almost 6 months. During this relapse, he had swelling on the face, chin, abdomen, increased appetite, and headache. He had Urine Proteins in traces for almost 6 months. On 2nd June 2018, when he visited Life Force, his Urine proteins were +.BP was 140/100 mm of Hg, weight was 33.2 kg.
He was taking - Tab. Wysolone BD 10mg--0--5mg/ since one year with some variation in dose. He was getting relapse on 10 mg dose steroids.
The patient was mixed in the diet. His appetite was increased. He had cravings for milk and cheese. His thirst, perspiration were average. His sleep was sound. He was fair and flabby in the constitution and sensitive to hot weather. He was mild, gentle, sober, shy, polite. He was a keen observer, creative, mature, non-communicative, and well supported by the family. He plays Tabla and was a student of 4th standard. In his family, his father and grandfather both maternal and paternal suffered from diabetes.
Dr. Rajesh Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed his research-based medicines to the patient. The patient got very good relief from his symptoms.
1.In the follow-up of July 2018, parents said urine protein was one plus once in last month then trace, B.P 130/90 mm of hg. Weight was 35. 1 kg. Swelling on the face, abdomen, chin, Weight gain, Frothy urine, occasional Headache, Occasional acidity were the same, Hypercholesterolemia was under control with conventional medicine. Antihypertensive medicine was also started. The dose of steroids was increased to 17.5 kg/day, Immuno-suppressant medicines were also started.
2. In August 2018, he was still on the same doses of steroids as before. Urine Proteins- Trace. On tapering his regular dose urine protein was +. So the Dose of steroid per day was same-17.5 mg. BP was 120/84 mm of Hg and weight was 37.6 kg.
3.In October 2018 Urine protein was trace or negative, 1+ once in 6 weeks  Weight was the same as 37.6 kg. BP was 110/80 mm of Hg. Swelling on the face, abdomen, chin was more. Weight gain was almost 4 kg in 4 months, occasional headache, and occasional acidity. On examination, Buffalo hump on neck +, Moon face +, Central obesity was seen. The dose of antihypertensive was increased for 2 weeks. The steroid dose was 17.5 mg one day and 20 mg on other days since 01-10-2018.
4. In November 2018 Tab. Wysolone was tapered to 12.5 mg and now 10 mg since 5.11.2018. Monitoring Urine Albumin daily Range: 1+ in Dipstick test. But Immuno-suppressant medicines were stopped last month as the patient complained of burning on the face.
5. In December 2018, Reduced Tab. Wysolone to 7.5 mg for 2 weeks in starting of December, then again continued with 10mg, BP- 120/84 mm of Hg and weight was 37.2 kg.
6. In February 2019 patient was further better. Tapered Wysolone to 7.5 mg since last 15 days: Urine protein: trace to nil. Urine was less frothy and occasional headaches, acidity was better. Hunger was reduced. Conventional medicines for Hypercholesterolemia were stopped for 2 months and for hypertension was stopped for 2 weeks. Weight was 36 kg and BP was 130/90 mm of Hg.
 7. In March 2019, 60-70 % improvement seen. Parents said they have Tapered Tab. Wysolone to 3.75 mg daily since 10th Feb 2019 without relapse. Weight was 34.6 kg. BP was 120/90 mm of Hg. Swelling on the face, the abdomen was reduced. Also, acidity, headache, hunger was much reduced.
8.In April 2019, Tapered tablet Wysolone to 2.5 mg from 22nd March. Then further started giving less than 2.5mg, There was no relapse yet. BP was 90/60 mm of Hg, Urine protein Traces, Also the patient lost 2 kg since the last follow-up, now 32.6kg. Occasional headache, acidity, excessive hunger was also reduced. 
9.In May 2019, had to increase the dose of steroid to 2.5 mg as urine protein was +? Due to traveling. But overall the patient was better. Weight was 30 kg.
10.In July 2019, the patient was further better. Urine protein was nil, weight -29 kgs, and on T. Wysolone 1.25 mg once in 3 days.
11. In August 2019, the steroid was stopped and there was no relapse. Urine Protein was nil. BP was 86/70 mm f Hg, weight was 29 kg.
12. From September 2019, till April 2020 follow-ups were done and, the patient was stable, Urine protein nil, and had no relapse even after stopping steroids.
We have given every detail of this case. How beautifully; homeopathic medicines corrected his immune system thereby preventing his relapses. Homeopathy is a boon in Nephrotic syndrome. 
A wonderful combination of conventional and homeopathic treatment helps to unwind the child from this dreaded disease. At Life Force, we never regulate the dose of steroids. The treating nephrologists reduce them as the disease activity reduces. So This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating Nephrotic syndrome successfully and safely without any side effects. 
Written by Dr. Deepali Karnik, Associate Doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah.

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