An HR Professional With Hectic Lifestyle Finds A Remarkable Relief In Her Acid Reflux With Homeopathy

A 34-year-old female (PIN: 25849) visited Life Force Chembur clinic on 1st June 2015 for her complaints of GERD i.e. Gastroesophageal reflux disease.

She was suffering from this problem since September 2014. She had a peculiar sensation of something stuck in the throat. She was experiencing water brash, eructations, belching, and immense bloating after eating a few morsels of food. Her complaints used to turn worse after eating a large quantity of food, after having aerated drinks, and lying down after meals at night. Her discomforting symptoms also used to increase when she would travel.

Various investigation modalities were done including the USG abdomen which revealed no abnormality but the Upper GI endoscopy revealed Gastritis. She had taken several allopathic medicines including antibiotics and combinations of proton-pump inhibitors which helped her temporarily. She was also severely allergic to Bengal Gram (Besan) to an extent that she would suffer from anaphylactic shock along with severe breathlessness, edema, and rashes on the body leading to the episode of a blackout. She has had such 10-12 episodes since childhood which always used to keep steroidal injection with her for an emergency.

She had a mixed diet with an average appetite and a decreased thirst. She had a sweet tooth and craved sweets, chocolates apart from fish, eggs, and chicken. She had a habit of smoking 3-4 cigarettes a day for the past 5 years, and she had quit it after a lot of struggle for a year. She had a sound sleep but was experiencing a lot of recurrent dreams of falling off of teeth and ghosts. 

She stayed with her parents and siblings. She worked as a recruiter for an MNC in Mumbai.
Mentally, she was under a constant state of worry. She was anxious about her mother's condition as she was suffering from Cancer. Disappointment, grief due to stressful relations with a partner could be elicited in her case.  

Her medical history was not significant, but, in her family history, her mother suffered from Cancer and IBS.

Dr. Shah evaluated her case history in detail and prescribed research-based medicines for 6 weeks.

In the first follow-up, which was taken over call, on 10th July 2015, she had experienced a 40% improvement in her relief and reduction in her symptoms of reflux. The prescription was repeated.

In the second follow-up, the patient reported a 50% improvement in her relief in the complaints and mentioned that she had stopped taking antacids completely and is doing well with homeopathic medicines. One symptom that troubled her was nausea while traveling. Medicines were repeated for another 6 weeks.

In the next follow-up on 29th September 2015, she showed further improvement. No bloated feeling nor water brash was bothering her anymore. She had experienced 80% relief in her discomforting symptoms, such as something stuck in the throat and eructation. She felt overall better.

In subsequent follow-ups, she reported further improvement. However, in February 2016, her complaints aggravated wherein she had to take antacids every day due to the stress she had been going through. Her prescription was revised accordingly to which her dependency on antacids reduced gradually and she had to use them only once a week during her follow-up in July 2016.

All was fine until, due to the night watching, traveling, and her erratic routine, she again had episodes of aggravation in January 2017. Her case was reviewed and the prescription was revised and sent to her for 4 months, as the patient was traveling overseas this time.

In June 2017, she reported a 90% improvement in her relief in eructations, heartburn, and bloating. She continued medicines for another 6 months, as, due to her erratic routine, she preferred taking Homeopathic medicines instead of opting for allopathic medicines as she was aware of their side effects.

She was put on maintenance therapy for 4 months, as she had to travel overseas again, after which she stopped the treatment as she felt absolutely fine and started treatment for her mother as well.

This case highlights that homeopathic medications are safe in treating chronic conditions, such as Acid reflux. Homeopathic medicines not only help in obtaining symptomatic relief and reducing the dependency on conventional medicines but also help in preventing the further progress and complications of the disease without any side effects.



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