80% Recovery From Psoriasis Found In 1 Year At Life Force Homeopathy

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease characterized by thick, patchy, red scaly skin that can last long. The skin condition is non-contagious.

Causes of Psoriasis
2.Environmental factors

Common triggering factors for psoriasis 

1.Infections such as Strep throat.
2.Weather, particularly dry and cold weather.
3.Injury to the skin.
6.Alcohol consumption.
7.Side-effects of certain medicines (antimalarial drugs, beta-blockers, lithium)
8.Rapid withdrawal of corticosteroids. 
9.Other associated autoimmune conditions like HIV or Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

Symptoms of Psoriasis:
Here are some common symptoms of psoriasis

1.Red scaly patches of the skin (characterized by silvery scales)
2.Extreme dryness of the skin with cracks
3.Itching of the skin with burning or soreness
4.Thickened or pitted nails 
5.Swollen or stiff joints

Types of psoriasis:
Here are some types of psoriasis 

1.Plaque psoriasis 
2.Guttate psoriasis 
3.Inverse psoriasis 
4.Pustular psoriasis 
5.Erythrodermic psoriasis
6.Palmoplantar Psoriasis 
7.Psoriatic arthritis 
8.Guttate psoriasis 

Fortunately, homeopathy can treat psoriasis effectively and safely. Let’s have a look at a psoriasis case that homeopathy treated remarkably.

A 47-year-old man (PIN: 36112) visited our Life Force branch on 17th July 2018 for the treatment of his complaint of palmoplantar psoriasis, which he was suffering for 15 years. The main symptoms that he was presenting were scaly eruptions on knuckles of the hands and fingers (bilateral but more on the right hand) with redness. There was no pain, no itching, and no bleeding bothering him. 

His family history was asked to rule out genetic predisposition. No relevant family history of any autoimmune disease present.

He had tried both allopathic and Ayurvedic treatment before with no results. So, he wanted to try homeopathic medicines from Life Force Homeopathy this time.

A thorough and detailed case taking was done considering both his mental and physical generals.

He was a non-vegetarian and had an average appetite. He had no specific cravings or aversions with regards to food. The only addiction that he had was tobacco chewing for 20 years. He was experiencing excessive thirst and drank 4-5 liters of water daily. He had average perspiration mostly on the forehead and was thermally hot. His bowel movements were satisfactory, and he had no urinary issues. He had a very sound sleep and preferred sleeping on the back.

On physical examination, it was found that the patient had an average physique and had no deformity. His BP (150/80mmhg), and his weight was examined (77kgs).
His mental generals were also taken in detail. The patient told he had a very happy childhood and a well-supported family. His wife was also very supportive, and he had a good relationship with her. He was a very gentle, shy, and sober patient. He was overcautious, particularly when it comes to his health. The patient told us that he always lacked confidence and would get nervous very easily.

His intellectual sphere was also taken into consideration. His memory, intelligence, perception, logic, and analysis all were good.

Dr. Shah went through the case file in detail and, after evaluating the whole case, prescribed the medicines. The patient was asked to stop the habit of chewing tobacco slowly. The patient was also advised to follow the diet chart of psoriasis that was provided to him.

In the very first follow-up in March 2018, the patient was better in his relief from the eruptions. There was no much redness was present, and his relief in the irritation was also better.

Further improvement was observed in the coming follow-ups.

However, in August 2018, there was a mild spread of the disease on his right index and little finger. His relief in the other eruptions, that were there on his knuckles and fingers, was better by 50%.

By December 2018, his recovery from the eruptions on his knuckles and fingers was better by almost 70%-80%. Also, the recovery from the new eruptions, which appeared on his right index and little finger, was better by 30%-40%. 

By July 2019, the patient was overall better by 80%. There was no further spread of the eruptions. The patient was quite happy and satisfied with the treatment received at Life Force Homeopathy under the guidance of Dr. Shah.

The patient was advised to continue the treatment, as psoriasis is a very deep-rooted disease and it is very important to treat the disease from its main root cause. 

By March 2020, the patient was almost 90% better and was very happy to get his disease treated without the use of any steroid or harmful medications.

This case illustrates that homeopathy can do wonders in treating autoimmune disease conditions like psoriasis by aiming and addressing the immunological factors, which are responsible for its development. This is done by considering the totality of the patient and with a holistic approach. This holistic approach in dealing with diseases sets homeopathy different from other systems of medicine and also ensures a safe and permanent solution to the disease condition. 

-Written by Dr. Poornima P., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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