A Recovered Patient Said, “I Am Living A Happy Life After Recovering From My Chronic Urticaria With Homeopathy.”

If you are suffering from recurrent or chronic skin allergy called urticaria and you are unable to reduce your anti-allergic medicines, you should read this case study. You will definitely find out a solution to your complaint. 

Urticaria is the skin hypersensitive reaction to any allergens. Red itchy raised bumps, hives, or weals are its prominent symptoms. If its deeper tissue is also involved then angioedema symptoms are common.

A 35-year-old female, Mrs. N. P. (PIN: 42883) had been suffering from urticaria for three years. When she first time visited Life Force, Vashi clinic in March 2020, she was in the symptoms-free stage for 1 & 1/2 years but her symptoms had resurfaced in the last four months. Her main complaint was angioedema on the face. She was suffering from swelling on the lips, forehead, and around the eyes daily in the last 3-4 months. Small red hives also appeared on her different body parts, and they were itchy, red, and a lot of heat. She was allergic, mostly, to the change of weather and the morning climate. Her symptoms used to get triggered due to the change of temperature and in the morning. She had been taking homeopathic medicine from another center for 3 months but didn’t get satisfactory results. 

Besides this, she also had corns, allergic rhinitis, and headache complaints. For these complaints, she was not taking any medicine. 

She had given the details of her case for the prescription. All her physical generals were normal, except for that her thirst was less. 

Mentally, she was very reserved and polite. Due to her angioedema complaint, she was worried and anxious about her health. She was short-tempered, irritating, adjustable, and co-operative. She took tension in every small thing. She was a homemaker, and her husband was a C.A. Her son was 6 years old. 

She had no specific medical history. In her family’s medical history, her father was hypertensive. 

After studying and evaluating her case in detail, Dr. Shah’s research-based molecule was prescribed to the patient. Also, she was told to do some blood tests.


After following homeopathic treatment for 6 weeks, she gave her first feedback. She had responded to the medicine positively. The frequency of her episode had reduced. In her blood reports, her vitamins were less, and her cholesterol was high. So, vitamin supplements for vitamin deficiency and a restricted diet for high cholesterol were recommended to her.

In May 2020, she reported a very good improvement in her condition. Her swelling on the face, which was daily in the morning, had reduced a lot. Her hives were also reduced. The patient was following all given instructions and regular with medicine. 

In July 2020, her condition was improving gradually. Her condition had 70% improved. In the last few days, she had not experienced any episode of urticaria. She had no swelling nor she experienced hives now. She was very happy during the feedback. She informed that, after so many months, she was living without any episode of urticaria. She was advised to be regular with medicine and follow all the diet restrictions. 

After a few months, she reported almost total recovery from urticaria. She didn’t have any episodes of urticaria in the last few months. Her relief in headache and allergic rhinitis had improved positively. This indicated that her immunity was improving. 

She reported recently that she was 3-month pregnant and she was quite happy with the overall result. 

This case highlights that homeopathy is highly recommended to treat all diseases which are related to the disturbances of the immune system. Homeopathy enhances immunity and works on internal causative factors for providing good results effectively and safely without any side-effect. 

-Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (M.D. Hom)

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