A 5-Year-Old Kid's Relief In Lichen Planus Improved By 65% in Just 4 Months With Homeopathy

A 5-Year-Old Kid’s Relief In Lichen Planus Improved By 65% In Just 4 Months With Homeopathy

A 5-year-old-male child (PIN: 43472) started online treatment at Life Force Homeopathy for his complaints of Lichen Planus on 6th August 2020. He was suffering from a skin condition for 3 months. He presented with symptoms of red purplish flat active lesions spreading rapidly all over the body that had started from both ankles and severe itching particularly at night. He had taken a dose of Steroid 5ml twice a day orally with external steroid application for 15 days that he had stopped before 8 days and continued the dose of antihistamine for relief in itching. He had an associated complaint of allergic bronchitis which was stable. 

The patient had a history of skin dryness and sensitivity and 2 episodes of gastritis 3 years back. He had a family history where his maternal grandfather suffered from hypertension and his paternal grandmother suffered from idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura.

He was a non-vegetarian and had an average appetite and thirst. He was fond of fruits, cheese, and paneer. He was thermally hot. The patient enjoyed a sound sleep. His birth weight was 2.8 kgs. He was born premature, as his mother had preeclampsia i.e. increased blood pressure during pregnancy. His milestones were at normal age except for teething which was delayed. 

Mentally, he was affectionate and would get attached easily. He was talkative, clever, and expressive. Since the complaint of lichen planus started, he was getting irritable, angry, and would shout when got angry but felt guilty after that. He was fastidious and was precocious as compared to his age.

His mother was worried about his complaint and his mental irritability, so counseling was given to the mother and child.

Based on his detailed case history, Dr. Shah prescribed homeopathic medicines along with his research-based homeopathic medicines to the patient.

He had advised a few investigations in which his IgE levels were 2320 which should be below 100 and his Vitamin D3 was 17.39 that is on the lower side. So, a Vitamin D3 supplement had started and he was asked to continue antihistaminic for one month as the allergic reaction was higher.


When the first online follow-up of the patient was taken on 9th September 2020, there was no change in the symptoms. But, mentally, the patient was much stable with the effect of homeopathic medicines and counseling.

The second follow-up was taken online during which the patient was 10% better. His itching had decreased and the spread of the disease had decreased.

The fourth follow-up was taken on 12th November 2020 online, and the patient was 40% better. The progress of the disease had slowed down. Only a few new lesions had appeared. His itching had stopped.

The recent follow-up was taken on 16th December 2020 in which the patient’s relief in the complaint was 60%-65% better. No new lesions had developed. The itching and previous lesions were decreased, and the hyperpigmentation was reduced.

The patient’s mother was very happy with the treatment that her child received at Life Force Homeopathy. She was thankful to Dr. Shah And the entire Life Force Homeopathy. He is continuing the treatment for further control and recovery. 

This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating chronic lichen planus in kids incredibly and safely without any side-effects. Thus, homeopathy is effective in treating individuals of all age-groups safely and remarkably.

-Written by Dr. Akanksha Kharote, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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