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Immense Recovery From Steroidal Masked Lichen Planus Found With Homeopathy

A 35-year-old gentleman, Mr. D. B. (PIN: 40984) residing in Dehradun got registered with us for the treatment of his Lichen Planus complaints in August 2019. He availed of our Online Treatment.
He reported suffering from the complaints of Lichen Planus since April 2017, which was over 2 years, when he started treatment with us. The lesions of lichen planus were present mainly on his hands and legs. Pinkish–reddish lesions first appeared on his Right hand and forearm that gradually progressed to the other hand and lower limbs as well. As described by the patient, the size of lesions varied from that of mustard seeds to 1-2 cm. He used to experience severe itching that led to hard scratching and, sometimes, bleeding as well. The itching used to increase whenever he used to put on cotton gloves. Initially, the patient took steroids in the form of Ointment and tablets, and his relief in the lesions did improve significantly. But, after stopping the steroids, within 8 months there was a significant flare-up. Due to the usage of Steroids, even his sugar levels were on the higher side of normal. 
His appetite and thirst were average, and he had a liking for sweets, eggs, fruits. He disliked fish, spicy, and sour foods. He used to sweat profusely while gyming. His sleep was normal. 
He had a family history of Lichen Planus (mother) and Diabetes (mother). 
His work profile was challenging with 12 hours of work in harsh weather conditions. His family included his parents, brother, wife, and daughter. By nature, he was calm and used to get angry only when things won’t go as per his wish. 
While starting our treatment, he was using Topical Ointments. 
Based on these complaints and after evaluating his case in detail, he was prescribed Antim Crud 30 for his complaints. He was informed that an increase in the lesions was expected in the first few weeks due to the stoppage of the steroids that he had been receiving previously. This phenomenon is observed in many skin conditions when there is an increase in skin lesions due to the stoppage of steroids, as their action is suppressive. The relapse which occurs after the stoppage of steroids is sometimes more difficult to treat. 
In the case of this patient, there was a definite increase in the number of lesions after stopping the steroids, and the eruptions had spread. There was a marked itching too. This phase lasted for about 6 weeks in the case of this patient after which he began to experience the improvement in relief in lichen planus. 
In the next 3 months, the patient started noticing control in the spread of the disease. No new lesions had developed. There was a reduction in the dryness and itching too. The size of his old lesions had started reducing. A total flattening in the eruptions had occurred. The frequency of appearance of the old lesions reduced to just 1 new lesion in 2 months.
His recovery from the lesions started improving first on the legs and then on the hands. The patient improved significantly in just 8 months after starting the treatment. Gradually, the usage of steroids was also tapered off and stopped completely. Currently, he is on maintaining doses to treat the condition closely and prevent any future relapse.

This case highlights that steroidal-masked lichen planus can be treated effectively with research-based Homeopathic medicines by Dr. Rajesh Shah M.D. Homeopathy promotes recovery from lichen planus safely without any side-effects.

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