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Incredible Relief From Acid Peptic Disorder & Lumbar Spondylitis Found In 5 Months With Dr. Shah’s Treatment

A 47-year-old lady, Mrs. T. K. B. (PIN: 16121) visited our clinic on 27th May 2011. She complained of experiencing continuous sour eructation every day from the last 4 years. It would increase if she missed her meal timings or after eating spicy food, eggs, or sour food. She was taking an antacid daily. She also complained of continuous back pain which she was suffering from the last 2 years. She had taken 4 to 5 steroid injections the last year for the same. Her pain would increase while squatting. The MRI scan reported multiple disc degeneration. She was suggested surgery, but she opted for homeopathy. 

Her appetite was average with no specific likes or dislikes with regards to the food. She was sensitive to both hot and cold weather. Her sleep was disturbed and interrupted. 

She was a homemaker. She lived with her in-laws and children. Her husband worked in Bahrain in the furnishing industry. She had a daughter and a son. Her son was studying engineering in the USA, while her daughter was completing her graduation. Her father-in-law had a business of carpentry, while her mother-in-law was a homemaker. She was a worrisome personality. She could not forget bad incidences easily. She would not express her anger and keep on thinking about it. She would become depressed and suicidal at times due to her health condition. She would prefer to stay silent and not express her feelings. Her mother-in-law and father-in-law would comment adversely, and she would be deeply pained and hurt. Since her husband was away, she had to bear it silently. She had a sense of responsibility towards the elders and also understood the security that they provided to her and her children. However, she could never forgive or forget the insults, which were numerous always. 

Her father suffered from heart disease. Her mother had spinal cancer and diabetes.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed Sepia 200c along with some research-based medicines to the patient.


After 3 months of the treatment on 3rd August 2011, there was almost 75% improvement in her relief from the acidity. She had stopped taking antacid from the last 2 months. Her back pain had reduced considerably.

After 1.5 months on 29th September 2011, there was further improvement in her relief from acidity and back pain. Her case was reviewed and medicines were accordingly prescribed.

She reported on 15th May 2012 for some other minor ailments. When inquired about her acidity and back pain, she said that her recovery from acidity and back pain was absolutely better with the treatment.

This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating acidity and back pain successfully and safely without any side-effects.

-Written Dr. Megha, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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