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A twenty six years old female suffering from psoriasis for last 10 years found remarkable recovery with Dr. Shah's homeopathic treatment..

A twenty six years old female patient got relief in her chronic Psoriasis with proper homeopathic treatment. Mrs. R.P. (Patient Identification Number 15541) visited Life Force on 22nd February 2011 for the complaint of chronic Psoriasis. She was suffering from scalp Psoriasis for last 10 years. In last two years, it started spreading on the abdomen and behind the ears. She was using Momate (steroid) cream on her scalp 3-4 times a week. Her Psoriasis was not under control with it. She would get severe itching over the scalp and thick scales would come out. She started with hair fall as well. Her Psoriasis would increase in every winter. She was frustrated with this chronic Psoriasis. She was not better anytime in last 10 years. As long as the psoriasis was restricted up to the scalp, she was adjusting with it. However when it spread on the abdomen and wrist, she was panicked, as it now threatened her appearance.

There was no family history of any major illness.

Her appetite was good with strong craving for sweets and sour food. Micturation and bowel habits were normal. She would get profuse generalized sweating. She was more tolerant to heat. Her sleep was sound. She would get unrealistic dreams, as if she is falling down from height etc.

Mrs. R.P was working as a manager in a private company. She was staying in a joint family with her in laws. There was anxiety about work. She would easily get stressed out even about small things. She was dominating; she would impose her thoughts on others. She wanted her work to be perfect. She would not share her emotions with others. Her chronic Psoriasis was a major stress in her life. She could not concentrate on her work because of this.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Rajesh Shah and research based homeopathic medicine was prescribed. She reduced the use of Momate to once in a week. She reported on 12th April 2011 to give her first follow up. There was slight spread of her Psoriasis behind both the ears. Itching had also increased. This increase was expected as she reduced the use of steroid application. That was explained to her and her medicines were upgraded. She followed up on 9th June 2011. There was further spread of her Psoriasis. She had stopped use of Momate cream. Itching and scaling were still there.

She was anxious because there was no improvement in her Psoriasis in first four months of the treatment. Her anxiety was relieved by explaining about the disease process; Psoriasis is a chronic and obstinate skin disease. Homeopathic medicines take time to act, especially in cases of steroid masked Psoriasis. Her further course of medicines was prescribed and she had been advised to continue the medicines.

She reported over the phone on 26th July 2011. There was 20-30% improvement in her scalp Psoriasis. Itching and scaling had reduced by 30-40%. Lesions on the abdomen were same. She visited clinic on 12th September 2011. There was 5-10% further improvement in her Psoriasis. Lesions on the abdomen had reduced by 10-20%, itching and scaling on the abdomen had also reduced. She showed consistent improvement in all her further follow ups. On 26th December 2011, she reported some increase in her Psoriasis, but the intensity was very less compared to her first visit. The itching and scaling were slightly increased. There were no new lesions of Psoriasis. As her scalp Psoriasis started improving, her hair fall came under control. By 13th February 2012, there was almost 90% improvement in her Psoriasis. She was very happy with such smooth recovery. She never felt so comfortable in the last 10 years.

(Uploaded on 20th Mar 2012 by Dr. GAJ)


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