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A Remarkable Relief From Excruciating Pain & Discomfort Of Stenosis Found With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 77-year-old patient, Mr. S. M. (PIN: 12793) registered at Life Force for the treatment of prolapsed intervertebral disc in the lumbar spine. He was suffering from an excruciating radiating pain with numbness from the gluteal region extending into thighs, legs, and soles. It was severe on his left side as compared to the right. This was accompanied by intermittent pain in the legs (called claudication), numbness, and stiffness. The most incapacitating pain that he had was at night when he would wake up to urinate. The pain was so severe while getting up from the bed and reaching to the rest-room. Peculiarly, his pain in the back (extending down to the legs) was even more severe after passing urine. Due to the pain, the entire time spent on completing the task of visiting the restroom used to take about half an hour. And, he would require passing urine about 2-4 times due to his enlarged prostate. His life had become like a hell due to the pain. He would experience cramps in the feet and soles with severe pain in limb many times a day restricting his movements.

He also suffered from discomforting sensations in the legs and thighs along with this pain. This pain increased on initial motion, ascending, after urination, and standing, and the relief from it used to get better after a massage, warm fomentation, sitting down, and by taking rest. The MRI Report dated 25th Sept 2009 stated that he had developmental bony canal stenosis: with narrowing and compression of nerve roots. There was a bulge in the lumbosacral spine causing narrowing in that area. This was associated with the outgrowth of immature bony processes from the vertebrae, reflecting the presence of degenerative disease and calcification. For the MRI report, you can refer link. He was on conventional medicines for the same and was explained the mechanical nature of canal stenosis and the need for surgery in this case.

Besides this, he also suffered from benign prostate hypertrophy, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia and was taking regular medicines for the same. 

He was a vegetarian with an average thirst and appetite. He craved spicy and sour food. He was sensitive to the hot weather. He often faced complaints of constipation on and off. He had disturbed sleep due to his complaint. 

By nature, he was a confident and perfectionist person. He was an authoritative and honest person, and he had a very ethical personality. He had faced many stresses in his life from his childhood but always handled them efficiently. He always remained busy with some or other work and always liked to remain occupied. Even at this age, he works with his family business.

In case, due to the severe extent of canal narrowing (stenosis) of the spine, Dr. Shah suggested that he would rather go for surgery, as medicine would have little or no role to play. However, the patient insisted to receive medicines until the time he prepares himself for surgery. Dr. Rajesh Shah studied the case and prescribed Calc-Flor-200C along with his research-based medicine, on basis of the pathology as well as the constitution of the patient. 

Within 3 weeks of the treatment on 14th November 2009, he reported about 20%-30% improvement. The treatment was continued. 

The patient reported over 50% improvement in his complaints in the next 6 weeks. His stiffness and crampy pain in the lower limbs had decreased drastically. He started getting sound sleep. His painful episodes at night while getting up for the urination reduced dramatically. 

In about 4 months of the treatment, he almost forgot that he had problems due to disc compression (herniation). Gradually, he was able to reduce his dependency on conventional medicines. 

This case illustrates the effectiveness of homeopathy in cases of surgical cases as well. The symptomatic relief along with ease of the patient was the sole aim which was achieved effectively with homeopathy. It may be noted that homeopathic medicines in such cases cannot reduce mechanical compression or narrowing. In many cases, even relief from the pain to a significant extent (as in this case) is very important, particularly for those patients who are not suitable for surgery.

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