Case-3: I have gained my confidence after improvement in my sex life. Thank you Life Force Homeopathy.

55 years old male,  Mr.  A. T. (Patient Identification Number: 23830), reported to Life Force for the complaints of Erectile dysfunction since twenty five years. The problem was increasing since ten years. He did not have any desire for sex and he had no erections to perform sexual act. There was no stress factor in his life.

He had taken allopathic as well as ayurvedic medicines but there was no long lasting change seen. Allopathic medicines used to give him temporary erection but he would feel heaviness in chest and headache after taking those medicines. So his physician asked him to stop it. He not only lost all hopes but also his confidence level in his personal and professional life.

While discussing his problem with his close friend he got to know about Life Force Homeopathy, where number of such sexual dysfunction cases are treated effectively.
His appetite has decreased since 2-3 months.

He has craving for sweets. He hates cheese in food. He used to take alcohol and tobbaco in past but have stopped since few months. His thirst is very less and has average perspiration. As a person he is a short tempered person who gets irritated very easily. There were no major past illnesses in his life. His mother and father had complaint of hypertension.

Based on above history of patient, Dr.Shah prescribed him Lycopodium Clavatum 30 and some reasearch based molecules.

As patient was staying in West Bengal he use to give feedback on call. After two months i.e on 28th of November 2015, patient reported that his complaints were the same. There was no major change in his libido as well as his erections. But his appetite has increased. Itching was less. His appetite was also improving. Based on this Dr.Shah made some changes in his prescription and gave medicines along with some research based molecules.In next follow up, on 1st April 2015, patient reported on call that his complaints are the same regarding erectile dysfuction. He was worried really the treatment is helping or not. Patient was counseled by senior doctors and was advised to continue with the medicines.

On 22nd of May 2015, patient reported that his complaints of erectile dysfucntion was thirty percent better. Erection was of low intensity but they were present. Patient started developing trust in homeopathic medicines after seeing the improvement. Further medicines were given to him.

Patient called up and reported after two months i.e on 23rd of July 2015, that his complaints of erectile dysfuction were fifty percent better. He started getting desire and erections. His confidence level was increased. His personal life started improving gradually. He had complete faith with Dr.Shah and Homeopathic medicines that they will make him completly better one day.

On 7th of October 2015, he reported that he has started developing morning erections which he never use to have before. Erection time started extending from one minute to three minutes. Now he was able to perform intercourse well as his ejaculation time also increased.

On 13th April 2015, patient called up to inform that he was still at fifty percent improvement only but his erections time increased from three to four minute. His libido gradually started improving. He could not believe the change as no other medicines gave him such good relief in his complaints.He couldn’t believe that he had attained significant relief with homeopathic treatment. He was very happy and satisfied with the treatment. He was very thankful to Life Force team and to Dr. Shah for making him so much better. He is still continuing with our treatment be get completely better.


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