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100% Recovery From Chronic Psoriasis Found With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 38-year-old male patient, Mr. A.B. (PIN: 30311) visited Borivali clinic of Life Force on 13th November 2016 for psoriasis treatment. He was suffering from skin issues. He had developed small spot-like patches on the hands and legs bilaterally, eruptions behind the ears, and scaling and itching in the last 2 years. He was using ointment every day which provided him relief temporarily. He was diagnosed with Psoriasis.


He was also suffering from psoriatic arthritis for a year. He was experiencing pain in his heels bilaterally and pain in the knees with stiffness for a week. He found climbing the stairs difficult, and the first move after rest was quite painful for him. His relief in the pain in joints was experienced by taking rest.


The patient was a non-vegetarian and was experiencing a loss of appetite. He didn’t have any specific craving for any foods and drinks. He had no addiction. The patient did not drink much water throughout the day. His sleep was sound no issues. He was lean and had an average build.


He hailed from a middle-class family. The patient was mild, gentle, and sober. He was anxious and nervous due to his disease. The patient was very affectionate and worried about the fact that he lost his son in an accident. He was well-settled in his life. He had Jaundice and chickenpox once in the past.


Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed research-based medicine to the patient.



In the initial two follow-ups in one and a half months, nothing changed. Except for slight changes in the scaling discomfort, the patient’s condition was status quo. But, his relief in arthritis was better.


When the patient gave the follow-up on 21st March 2017, his condition was as it is. He had new spots on the legs. His relief in scaling was better, and his relief in psoriatic arthritis was better.


At the follow-up on 12th July 2017, the patient’s recovery was better further. But, in the investigation, his Vitamin B12 and vitamin D3 levels were low so vitamin supplements were prescribed for the same.


On 16th December 2017, the patient had experienced complete recovery from new spots, except for that the patches on his legs.


On the follow-up on 22nd March 2018, the patient was better. He had no new patches.


On the follow-up on 6th September 2018, the patient had experienced a further improvement in recovery. He had no flare-ups.


At the follow-up on 26th December 2018, the patient had a single new patch because of the winters and stress but had no arthritic pain.


On the follow-up on 19th March 2019, the patient was a lot better. No new patch had developed.


On the feedback on 15th July 2019, the patient was further better.


When the patient gave the follow-up on 19th December 2019, his relief from arthritis was completely better. He had no complaints.


On 30th March 2020, the patient had new patches because of the winters but no itching was present.


On the follow-up on 11th July 2020, the patient showed improvement in recovery from his complaints.


On the follow-up on 1st January 2021, the patient had no new patches. He had experienced a complete recovery from the earlier patches. He had developed normal skin now. He had no pain in the joints.



This case demonstrates that, by following a suitable diet and with timely investigations, the homeopathic treatment promotes recovery from psoriasis effectively and safely without any adverse effects. 100% recovery from psoriasis can be achieved with just Homeopathic medicines

  • Written by Dr. Sapna Tarale, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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