100% Recovery From Psoriasis Found With Homeopathy Brilliantly At Life Force

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease characterized by thick, patchy, red scaly skin. It is a long-lasting and non-contagious condition.


Causes of Psoriasis:

Here are some common causes of psoriasis

1. Genetic

2. Environmental factors


Common Triggering Factors for Psoriasis

Here are some triggers that cause episodes of psoriasis.

1. Infections, such as Strep throat

2. Weather, particularly the dry cold weather.

3. Injury to the skin.

4. Stress.

5. Smoking.

6. Alcohol consumption.

7. Other associated autoimmune diseases, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis or HIV.

8. Side-effects of certain medicines (antimalarial drugs, beta-blockers, and lithium)

9. Rapid withdrawal of corticosteroids.


Symptoms of Psoriasis:

Here are some common symptoms of psoriasis.

1. Red scaly patches of the skin (characterized by silvery scales)

2. Extreme dryness of the skin with cracks

3. Itching of the skin with burning or soreness

4. Thickened or pitted nails

5. Swollen or stiff joints


Types of psoriasis:

1. Plaque psoriasis

2. Guttate psoriasis

3. Inverse psoriasis

4. Pustular psoriasis

5. Erythrodermic psoriasis

6. Palmo Plantar Psoriasis

7. Psoriatic arthritis

8. Guttate psoriasis


Diagnosis of Psoriasis:

1. Physical examination (scalp, skin, and nails)

2. Skin biopsy


Fortunately, you have homeopathy at your rescue. Homeopathy can treat psoriasis effectively and safely without any adverse effects. Let’s have a look at a case of psoriasis treated with homeopathy.


A 28-year-old young man (PIN: 42804) visited Life Force on 28th February 2020 for the treatment of his psoriasis complaints that he was suffering from 2 months.


The main presenting symptoms of the patient were red scaly eruptions on the body, particularly on the legs, abdomen, chest, back, hands, face, and ears. The eruptions first started on his legs and later spread to other parts of the body. He was experiencing severe itching, particularly at night.

His past and current treatment history were asked.

His ailment history and his family’s medical history were asked to rule out any autoimmune disease condition.


A detailed case taking of the patient was done, and his mental and physical symptoms were asked.


The patient was a non-vegetarian and had an average appetite. He had cravings for sour foods. His thirst was average, and he drank 1-2 liters of water daily. He used to perspire more on his forehead. The patient couldn’t bear an extremely hot or cold climate. His bowel movement was satisfactory, and he had no urinary complaints as such. Often, he had disturbed sleep, and his sleep used to get interrupted at around 2-3 am. The patient used to get disturbed by the slightest sound. He preferred lying on his abdomen.


His mental generals were also asked in detail.

His childhood was very happy with a well-supportive family. He was single and was working for an IT firm in Bangalore. The patient was a very cheerful guy, and he had a great interest in politics and wanted to join politics in the future. His intellectual sphere was also considered. His memory, perception, intelligence, and logic all were good.


His general and systemic examination was done and BP (120/80mmhg) and weight (75kg) were noted.


Dr. Shah went through the case in detail and, after analyzing the case, prescribed medicines to the patient. The diet chart and Life Force videos and links related to the disease condition were also shared with the patient.



The first follow-up of the patient was in May 2020. The patient was feeling slightly better. His eruptions were stable with no further spread. The itching had reduced as compared to the previous consultation.


The second follow-up was in June 2020. By this time, the patient had experienced a 30% improvement in relief. His red scaly eruptions had started to heal. The thickness of his skin eruptions had started to reduce. The itching had also reduced to a great extent.


By November 2020, the patient was 50% better. All his eruptions were stable. Hyperpigmented scar marks that were left after healing started diminishing.


By January 2021, the patient was better by almost 70%-80%.


By the end of February 2021, the patient was 100% better. All his eruptions were cleared, and his relief in itching was fully better.


The patient thanked Dr. Shah and the entire team for providing good, desired results and relief with homeopathic treatment in 1 year.



Homeopathy can do wonders in treating autoimmune disease conditions, such as psoriasis, by aiming at addressing the immunological factors responsible for its development. This is done by considering the case with a holistic approach and the totality of the patient. This holistic approach in dealing with diseases sets homeopathy apart from other systems of medicine and ensures a safe and permanent solution to the disease condition. This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating psoriasis successfully and safely without any adverse effects.


  • Written by Dr. Poornima P. Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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