A Patient Found 80% Recovery From Piles In 4 Months With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 30-year-old female patient from Hyderabad, Mrs. I. F. (PIN: 44699) started treatment from Life Force Homeopathy online for her complaints of piles on 1st February 2021.  

The patient was suffering from piles since a year. It had started during her pregnancy. She was experiencing the discomforting symptoms twice or thrice a week. There was a swelling felt around the anal. The bleeding would often occur. She experienced the pain before and after passing the stool. The patient was suffering from the complaint of hard stools from many years. She took allopathic medicines for a few months but it did not help her much.

Her appetite was average, and she had no craving for any specific food. She disliked sweets in her diet. Her thirst was average. The patient had no issues related to the urine. Her stool was hard, and she had to apply pressure while passing the stool. Her sleep was normal and refreshing.


The patient was a housewife. She was staying with her husband, son, and in-laws. No major stress was present in her life. She was very reserved and shy.

No other past illnesses were noticed in the patient’s history. Her father suffered from diabetes mellitus.

After studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed the homeopathic remedy Nitric Acid and some research-based homeopathic medicines to the patient. She was also given dietary tips along with the medicines.



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On 3rd April 2021, in the first follow-up, the patient reported that she was feeling 60%-70% better with the medicines. The pain and swelling around the anus had reduced drastically. No episode of bleeding occurred after she started with homeopathic medicines. Her stool turned soft and satisfactory. There was an overall great improvement in her relief with the medicines.


On 26th June 2021, the patient updated that she was 80% better with the homeopathic medicines. The bleeding had stopped completely. The pain was occasionally present only when she would pass hard stools. No swelling was present around the anus. She was feeling perfectly fine now.


She thanked Dr. Shah and the whole Life Force team for treating her and improving her health.



This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating piles immensely and safely without any side effects.


  • Written by Dr. Kainaz, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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