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Cortisone dependant lichen planus achieves amazing recovery with Dr Shah's medicines.

A middle aged patient who was on steroid treatment for moderate to severe Lichen Planus was referred to the clinic by an existing patient.

Mrs. S.S.K, (Pin number L-10190) was suffering from Lichen Planus for two years. There were several active lesions on her legs, hands and abdomen. She was first started with Enzocort / Defocort 6 mg for few days, when she did not respond, satisfactorily, she was advised Omnacortil 40 mg for ten days and then to be tapered. After starting with these medicines she experienced sudden weight gain, swelling of the face and feet, acidity etc.

lichen planus photos

Her family physician advised her to discontinue steroids, as she had a family history of diabetes and high blood pressure. She was also slightly overweight.

But the itching and the new spots caused severe discomfort, so the steroids had to be restarted in a reduced dose, after one week.

Under these circumstances she was referred to our clinic by one of her relatives.

Her appetite had increased since a few days. The thirst was normal. There was a craving for salty and spicy food. The bowel movements and micturition was normal.

She had severe perspiration. She was uncomfortable in the summer.

lichen planus leg photos

She lived with her husband and two sons. She was short tempered by nature. She had a tendency to brood. She would weep easily on trivial matters.

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail. She was prescribed Natrum Mur 30 C and Dr Shah’s research medicines for lichen planus.

Dr Shah advised Mrs S. S. K. to taper off the steroids and stop them gradually in the next few weeks.

In 4 weeks there was spread of the lichen planus, which was expected as a withdrawal effect of the steroid. Mrs S. S. K. continued with the medicines patiently. In 8 weeks the spread of the lesions stopped. The itching reduced considerably. Mrs S. S. K. heaved a sigh of relief. In the subsequent two months, there was significant improvement in the lichen planus. The eruptions had dried, subsided. The itching was further less. Few of the lesions had disappeared. At 8 to10 months, all the eruptions had healed. There were only marks, which were fading.

She continued with the treatment further. There was four kg weight loss, in this one year. (The body shed off the excess weight gain which was due to steroids.)

There was complete cure of her Lichen Planus. The patient was overwhelmed with happiness. She couldn’t control her tears when she regained her normal skin.

She couldn’t thank Dr Shah enough for his guidance and expertise. She had thought she would never be able to stop the steroids and would have to live with the lichen planus.

This is an excellent illustration of the amazing recovery steroid dependant lichen planus can have with homeopathy.

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