Homeopathy Offered Wonderful Results And Healed A Lichen Planus Patient

Lichen planus (LP) is an idiopathic, cell-mediated immune disorder. It is a chronic systemic disease that commonly involves oral mucosa and skin lesions.  The clinical manifestations of LP have been described as the 6 Ps of Lichen planus, (Pruritic, purple, polygonal, planar, papules, and plaques).

Lichen planus pigmentosa (LPP) is known to be a rare variant of this skin condition. However, LPP is commonly observed in Indians, Middle Easterns, and Latin Americans (Dark-skinned).


The most common areas of involvement include the skin and mucus membrane (face, neck, arm, oral mucosa, scalp, genitals, and nails).

  • As far as prognosis is concerned, LP is a chronic disease with remissions and exacerbations.
  • A few cases show spontaneous resolution 
  • Therapeutic agents that have been proven to be effective in the treatment of LP include topical and systemic steroids and oral immunosuppressive agents.


Complementary and Alternative therapies have been tried as a therapeutic possibility and as a way of avoiding the side effects of conventional therapies and attaining better results. And, you have homeopathy as an effective treatment for lichen planus. Homeopathy is a natural, gentle, and safe treatment.


Let’s have a look at a case that has been treat with homeopathy incredibly.


Case study:

A 25-year-old adult male (PIN: 42148) visited Life Force Homeopathy’s Jayanagar branch on 27th December 2020. He presented with hyperpigmented lesions over his exposed body parts, such as arms, feet, ankle, legs, with severe itching. He was suffering from these symptoms for 6 months.

The patient was mild and gentle. He was loquacious, confident, and expressive. The patient was anxious due to his health and more worried about his present disease condition. On a detailed case taking, he presented with a history of Bronchitis and was on Allopathic treatment for it. He had never undergone any surgical procedures previously.

The patient was an architect. He reported being happy in his life and enjoying life as it comes.

On the initial onset of the symptoms of purplish blue, blackish hyper-pigmented, and irregular patches over the extremities were treated unsuccessfully with the topical steroids and oral immune suppressants.

On examination, it was found that the patient had:

  • Multiple hyper-pigmented, purplish blue, blackish, irregular, papular lesions over the exposed parts (arms, legs, feet, and ankle).
  • Lesions were spreading in nature.
  • Lesions were dry and flaky
  • Intense itching was present in the lesions


Physical Generals:

The patient was a non-vegetarian and had an average appetite. He had cravings for spicy food and an average thirst. He used to drink about 3-4 liters of water daily. The patient couldn’t bear both the extreme climates. His bowel movements were satisfactory, and he had no urinary complaints as such. His sleep was sound, but, of late, it was disturbed due to intense itching.

His general and systemic examination was done. His blood pressure (133/86mmhg) and weight (68.8 kgs) were checked and updated.

Dr. Shah studied and analyzed the entire case details of the patient. After evaluating it in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based medicines to the patient.



At the first follow-up on 29th March 2020, the patient’s lesions were stable. There was no significant spread of the disease. New lesions had appeared over the leg. The intense itching was present. However, the patient was now no more using steroidal treatment. Hyperpigmented spots were as it is.

On the follow-up on 2nd July 2020, the patient started observing positive changes. There was no spread of the disease nor did any new spots appeared. His relief in the itching was a lot better. Hyperpigmented lesions were as it is.

On 23rd August 2020, when the patient came for a follow-up, he had experienced great improvement in recovery from lichen planus. No spread of the disease had occurred. His lichen planus patches were stable. He now experienced itching only at night. Hyperpigmented lesions were as it is.

On the follow-up on 15th October 2020, the patient had experienced a further improvement in his relief in lichen planus. No spread of the disease had occurred. Just a few hyperpigmented lesions were left. Some of his hyperpigmented lesions had cleared off.

During the follow-up on 16th December 2020, the patient had experienced further improvement. No spread of the disease had occurred nor new patches had developed. 20% to 30% hyperpigmented lesions were cleared off.

At the follow-up on 11th January 2021, the patient was not having any patches nor any new eruptions. The recovery from the hyperpigmented patches was 20% to 30% better. The lesions on his leg were reducing gradually.

On 6th April 2021, he had no new eruptions nor any new patches. He had

been infected with COVID. His hyper-pigmented lesions were as it is.

At the follow-up on 29th May 2021, the patient had no new eruptions nor any new patches. His hyperpigmented lesions on the arms and legs were clearing off, and about 70% to 80% improvement in the recovery from lichen planus was observed.




This case illustrates the efficacy of homeopathy in treating lichen planus. Homeopathic treatments are individualized, as homeopaths believe that personal traits produce individualized predispositions to the disease.

As a result, a homeopathic consultation is often like a psychological consultation, to individualize the patient, that can be matched with the homeopathic medicine. The dosage is determined by the intensity of the manifestation of the disease and whether it is acute or chronic. Homeopathy utilizes an infinitesimal dose of medication to treat disease. This results in the betterment of the patient as a whole with no side effects.

At Life Force Homoeopathy, Dr. Shah had seen and treated many recalcitrant, long-lasting, generalized, or mucosal-involved cases of lichen planus and enabled the patients to experience better results with no side effects. Thus, homeopathy is highly effective in treating lichen planus incredibly and safely without any adverse effects.


  • Written by Dr. Anjali Sebastian, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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