An Alopecia Areata Patient Experienced Complete Recovery From Bald Patches And Got Hair Regrowth With Homeopathy

An Alopecia Areata Patient Experienced Complete Recovery From Bald Patches And Got Hair Regrowth With Homeopathy


A 17-year-old girl, Ms. S.M.A. (PIN: 42243) consulted at Life Force on 5th January 2020 for her complaint of alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks the hair follicle which causes bald patches to appear. She had been suffering from this complaint for three months. Her complaint had started with severe itching, and, later, she developed one circular bald patch on the scalp. Her disease was progressing rapidly, and she had a total of 2 bald patches on her scalp. She had not taken any medicine.


In addition to it, she was also suffering from constipation for 4-5 years. Her dietary and drinking habits were not good, so she faced the constipation issue. She also had issues with her vision due to some retinal complaints since childhood.


To address an autoimmune disorder, some internal medicine that is helpful to enhance immunity and cover the causative factors are required. Homeopathic medicines are highly effective in this.


In her detailed case taking, it was noted that she was a vegetarian, but her appetite was poor. Her intake of water was also less than 1 liter. Except for this, all her general parameters, such as perspiration, urination, sleep, and menses were normal. She was very lean by built.


Mentally, she was stressed about her career. She was studying in class 10th but was worried about her career. She was adjustable, by nature. Academically, she was good.


In her family history, her paternal grandmother had diabetes, and her uncle was mentally challenged.


After a detailed analysis of the case, Dr. Shah prescribed phosphorus 30 and his research-based molecule for 6 weeks and vitamin supplements to the patient.



After following homeopathic medicines for 5 weeks, she reported a slight improvement in the relief in the previous patches. But, due to the progressing nature of the disease in her case, 2-3 small new patches were seen on the scalp. She was very anxious about her bald patches. She was counseled and explained the nature of the disease and was advised to be regular with medicine, vitamin supplements, exercise, and meditation.


After five months of following homeopathic medication, she reported some improvement in her bald patches. In between the duration, she faced some ups and downs as per the nature of the disease. Her spread of the disease was under control, and the old patches also responded positively.


On 13th October 2020, her recovery from the condition had further improved. No new spots had appeared. She was regular with medicine and diet.


On 24th November 2020, she reported a drastic improvement in her recovery from the condition. All her bald patches almost vanished. She no more experienced any itching or pain on the scalp. She was very happy with her hair regrowth.


Still, she is continuing the homeopathic medicine for total recovery.



This case illustrates that homeopathic is very effective in addressing and correcting the internal causative factors and enhancing immunity. It shows a very good result in promoting recovery from alopecia areata like an autoimmune disorder.


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