Alopecia Areata In 3-Year-Old Healed Immensely With Homeopathy At Life Force

Alopecia areata is a condition that causes significant hair fall resulting in small bald patches. These patches can slowly overlap each other which makes them noticeable. It is a peculiar form of hair loss that usually affects the scalp but can occur on any hair-bearing skin. It’s believed to be an autoimmune disorder that causes damage to the hair follicles due to the misguided immune system.

Causes for Alopecia

Genetics: It’s observed that the patients who have a family history of autoimmune diseases, such as Type 1 Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis, generally, have more risk of developing Alopecia Areata.

Types of Alopecia Areata:

1. Alopecia areata (patchy)

2. Alopecia totalis

3. Alopecia universalis

4. Diffuse alopecia areata

5. Ophiasis alopecia


Symptoms of Alopecia Areata:

Here are some common symptoms of alopecia areata.

  1. Hair loss in small patches (over centimeters or less in size).
  2. Hair loss occurring on other parts of the face, such as the eyebrows, eyelashes, and beard, as well as other parts of the body.
  3. Clumps of hairs are observed on the pillow or in the shower.


Medical Treatments for Alopecia Areata

Here are some common medical treatments for alopecia areata.

1. Topical agents

2. Injections

3. Oral treatments

4. Light therapy  

Fortunately, you also have homeopathy to treat the concerning condition of alopecia areata. Let’s have a look at how homeopathy treated a case of alopecia effectively.

A 3-year-old child (PIN: 37676) came to Life Force Homeopathy on 11th August 2018 for the treatment of his Alopecia Areata.

He presented with multiple bald spots on his scalp (10-12 in number). He had also developed bald spots on the eyebrows. The spots were increasing in size and spreading gradually.

His family history was asked to rule out autoimmune disease in the family. His mother and father both were under treatment for hypothyroidism. Also, the child’s past ailments were asked and updated. The child’s history of medications was asked and updated. There was a history of steroid intake by the patient in March 2018. The child had also taken homeopathic treatment earlier from other local homeopathic clinics but did not get any positive results.


A detailed case history was taken including both his mental and physical symptoms.

The child had an average appetite, and he was fond of sweets. He had aversion to curd and buttermilk. His thirst was average, and he perspired mostly on the forehead and face. The child could easily tolerate any extreme climate. His motion was satisfactory, and he had no urinary complaints. He enjoyed a sound sleep at night and had no problems related to sleep. His milestones were normal, and he had taken all vaccinations at the right time.

His mental generals were also asked. The patient enjoyed the company of other children and was always excited to play with them. But, after the usage of steroids, the child’s parents were complaining that the child had turned very cranky and irritable.

His intellectual sphere was checked, and his memory and logic were found to be good.

Dr. Shah went through the case history in detail and prescribed medicines after analyzing the whole case. Meanwhile, the child was suggested to do a couple of blood tests and follow the provided general diet chart.



The first follow-up of the patient was done on 2nd October 2018. Minute hair growth was observed on the child’s eyebrows which was a very good sign. No other changes were observed on the scalp.

During his second follow-up on 27th November 2018, no new bald patches were seen but no hair growth was noticed on the scalp as well. The recovery from the patches on the eyebrows was improved. Overall, he was showing 5% to 7% improvement.

By 18th January 2019, the patient experienced a 15% to 20% improvement in recovery from the condition. Fine hairs were observed on the scalp, and the recovery from the patches on the eyebrows was further improved.

Further improvement was observed in the later follow-ups.

By 11th June 2019, the child had experienced 50% hair regrowth on the scalp. His eyebrows also showed full hair regrowth.

By 12th August 2019, the child showed 70% to 80% improvement in recovery from alopecia areata. His scalp was almost covered with hairs with no noticeable bald spots. Also, his other body parts, which had suffered hair loss, particularly his eyebrows showed 100% improvement in hair regrowth.

The child’s parents were immensely thankful to Dr. Shah for the improvement in their child and his well-being. They were extremely happy that they could stop steroid-intake and also avoid the harmful effects of strong medications of other conventional treatments.



This case illustrates that homeopathic treatment addresses the altered immune system and, thus, treats the root cause of the autoimmune nature of Alopecia Areata disease condition. It can treat alopecia areata in children successfully and safely without any adverse effects. Homeopathy is deep-acting, and it offers lasting to almost permanent results in most cases. Homeopathy is absolutely harmless, safe, and non-toxic.

  • Written by Dr. Poornima P., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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