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A 42 year old male with bronchial asthma since 5 years, successfully treated with homeopathy.

A 42 year old strong and stout male patient came for his complaints of bronchial asthma.
He was suffering from bronchial asthma since the last 5 years.
He would start with a cough, thick whitish expectoration, and then dyspnoea.
He would get severe difficulty in breathing.
He would require inhalers and bronchodilators.

The asthma would get triggered by ice creams, cold drinks, dust, oily and fried food.
He had several attacks in the winter and rainy season and they would be more severe in the night at 3-4 am.
Each attack would last for 10-12 days.

He also had complaints of headache since the last 20 years.
He would get an attack of severe headache and vomiting, at least 2-3 times a month.
The pain would last for 2-3 hours. This was diagnosed as Migraine.
He also complained of acidity.

There was a history of renal calculi.

He had a successful hotel business on scenic seashore.
He did not have any financial difficulties.
He was a worrisome person. Despite no major difficulties, he could never feel relaxed.
He would worry about the future, about his family, health and about business.
If the children were not well, he would be sleepless.

He always had a pessimistic view.
His business was more in tourist season, in other months, there would be very less work.
This would make him nervous, though he had a booming business in the tourist season.
He said that he also understood that his worry was useless, but he could not control his thoughts.
He was a very affectionate and warm-hearted person.

Dr. Shah studied patient's case details and prescribed Kali Carb 200 C and Thuja 200 C in varying doses.
There was slow and smooth recovery.
The intensity and frequency of asthma attacks reduced.
He was advised to take inhalers in acute episodes, as he was an outstation patient and it was not possible to address each acute episode.
The focus was to reduce the hypersensitivity and prevent recurrences.
Within 4-5 months of regular treatment, he saw good progress.
He was able to reduce and stop his dependency on inhalers and bronchodilators.
His recurrent attacks went down and he was able to tolerate weather changes, dust, and strong odour.
There was very good reduction in his migraine.
He visited the clinic last week for his wife's treatment.
He reported very good control over his asthma.

He would now get an episode of asthma once in 6-8 months, mostly in the rainy season, which was acceptable.

Chronic Asthma can be controlled in a very good way with Homeopathy.

In some patients, we observe that the lower respiratory involvement reduces substantially, though patients still get frequent colds.

These patients have a very strong allergic condition, which persists, but they are none the less satisfied, as they do not face the spasms and chest congestions any longer.



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