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Suffering with recurrent tonsillitis. He had this ailment for the past 5 years. This problem used to recur at least 2-3 times a year and it used to last for 4-6 days.

This is a case of Master A.K.G, (L- 8329) an 8 year old boy who was suffering with recurrent tonsillitis. He had this ailment for the past 5 years. This problem used to recur at least 2-3 times a year and it used to last for 4-6 days. The previous traditional doctor under whose treatment the patient had received several antibiotics on and off, had suggested to get his tonsils removed surgically. He received conventional drugs at least once in 6 months. He was currently being treated by a local homoeopath but then there was no major improvement in his complaints.

His complaints started with cough and he used to bring out yellow or white sputum. He complained of throat pain. The episodes were always associated with fever which was within the range of 102° F to 104° F. He had marked difficulty in swallowing. The past 3 days he also complained of breathing difficulty. He therefore used to wake up frequently at night. His mother (who accompanied him to the clinic) remarked that he used to snore every night and he always slept with his mouth open. He also on many occasions had salivation during sleep.

Since the past 4 years it was noted that he used to frequently bite his nails.

Associated complaints:
This patient also had bed wetting since childhood. He used to have this at least once in 15 days. It was worse after 2 am.

Personal details:
He had a mixed diet. His appetite was variable and at many times absolutely diminished. He had marked craving for sweets. He however had a remarkable aversion for vegetables. His was thermally very sensitive to hot climate.

His sleep was disturbed most of times because of his breathing difficulty.

His family set up:
His family comprised of his mother, father and his brother. His father had his own painting business. His mother was a home maker and he and his younger brother both attended school.

Mental make up:
He was a very obstinate child. He was also very mischievous at school. His teacher also complained of his misbehavior to his mother. He was brilliant but did not study well. He was also short tempered. His mother remarked that he did not get well along with his brother.

Past history:
He has 2-3 episodes of urticaria in the past at the age of 1 year and 3 years. He however was reported to be asymptomatic since the past 1 year.

Family history:
His father had recurrent tonsillitis and recurrent upper respiratory tract infections. His brother also had tonsillitis. His paternal grandfather had esophageal cancer whereas the paternal grandmother had liver cancer. His maternal grandfather had chronic bronchitis. His mother reported that his maternal aunt had some cardiac ailments.

The X- ray examination done on August 28, 2004 revealed that he had adenoids.

Examination findings:
His weight was 25 Kgs. His throat examination showed kissing tonsils with septic foci. Even his cervical glands were palpable. His nose had hypertrophied turbinates.

Prescriptive totality:
Based on his case history he was prescribed Tuberculin 1M, Baryta carb 200, Calcarea iod 200, Merc Sol 200 to be taken for 1 month.

In the initial phases of the treatment the patient did report to have few episodes of tonsillitis which were attended promptly and his normal health was restored. His tonsils started regressing in size. He reported to have 2 such episodes of tonsillitis in a period of 7 months. He however did not require taking any antibiotics during these attacks and was solely managed on homoeopathic drugs.

Other than these two episodes there have been periods where in the patient was absolutely asymptomatic. The bedwetting however continues to occur of and off. He is advised to continue treatment only for more couple of months after which we expect him to report to us only if required.

There were necessary changes made in his line of treatment, depending on the demand of the case.

This case is the best example to tell us that for issues which can be handled without any surgery, Homoeopathy should be sought as the first line of treatment and not as a last resort!

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