80% Recovery From Piles Found With Homeopathy

A 23-years-old female patient, Ms. K. C. B. (PIN: 39330) visited Life Force Paud center on 9th February 2019 for the treatment of her Bleeding Piles and Eczema.

She was suffering from piles for 1 year, and it was progressing gradually for a few weeks. She was experiencing bleeding while defecating in the last few weeks. She had not taken any treatment for piles, and she was trying to manage herself with home remedies but got no relief. At last, she started with homeopathic treatment from Life Force Homeopathy for both her complaints of piles and eczema.

Her case details were noted. There was small swelling outside the anus and it was easily palpable on touch. She was experiencing bleeding while passing stool due to constipation. Bright red blood was present in the stool, and her stool was very hard, unsatisfactory, and required straining while passing the stools. The affected part was very painful and highly sensitive to touch.
Piles appeared after consuming Jowar & bajara or any food items which show heat tendency.
She was also suffering from eczema in the last 6-7 months and was experiencing hair fall from the last 3 years as an associative complaint. She had a history of Allergic rhinitis and delayed menses. Also, she had a family medical history, as her elder sister also suffered from Eczema.

After studying her detailed case study thoroughly, Dr. Shah prescribed research-based medicines for 6 weeks to the patient and also prescribed medicines for eczema.
At the first follow-up on 13th March 2019, after five weeks of homeopathic treatment, she was happy to report that there was a 50% improvement in her relief in piles. With a remarkable improvement in relief, she no more experienced bleeding. Also, she experienced more than 40% improvement in relief in eczema. She mentioned that now she had no complaints of constipation, and she was passing stool with semi-solid consistency. She experienced a great improvement in relief in her pain and sensitivity also. She now required very little straining while passing the stools.
At the second follow-up on 25th April 2019, after 2.5 months of the treatment, there was a slight aggravation due to the changes in diet and less water intake. Also, the patient was suffering from chickenpox and was on conventional treatment for the same. She felt mild bleeding and pain while passing the stool. She was advised to maintain a proper diet and avoid spicy and oily foods. Also, she was recommended to increase water intake and continue the treatment for a complete recovery.
On the third follow-up on 6th June 2019, her relief was improved. Just a mild pain was present. It rarely would bleed now on passing hard stool.
At the fourth follow-up 26th July 2019, there was a 50% improvement in her relief with no pain and bleeding.
At the follow-up on 11th September 2019, after 8 months of the treatment, her relief in the complaints had improved by more than 60%. The patient’s complaints of bleeding had completely stopped, and her relief from the eczema was 90% better. Again, she was advised to continue the treatment for complete recovery.

At the follow-up on 18th October 2019, after 9 months of the treatment, just the pain after defecation was left, and all her remaining complaints had stopped completely. The patient was very happy to report that her relief in the complaint of piles is 80% improved and her recovery from eczema was 100%. She is currently under the treatment and recommended to continue the treatment for complete recovery.

This case highlights that homeopathy offers excellent results in treating Piles and Eczema with continued treatment. The duration and frequency of piles and eczematous lesions can be reduced markedly in a very short duration with continuous treatment.  Homeopathy promotes recovery from piles effectively and safely without any side-effects and recovery from it is possible in a short duration, if the treatment is initiated early and at the right time with the correct diagnosis.
-Written by Dr. Jyoti Kumari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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