A lawyer was happy to find around 80% recovery in her extensive chronic Psoriasis.

31 years old Lawyer Ms D. P. (Patient Identification Number 18764) visited Life Force on 4th of April 2012. She was suffering from Psoriasis since 10 years. She had psoriasis lesions all over the body. It had started with the scalp and had gradually spread to both the hands, legs, neck, back, abdomen and also on her face and ears. The lesions were active and she experienced severe itching and scaling. She had a genetic link as her father had Psoriasis. Her skin had become dry and with deep cracks which were very painful.

She had no other associated complaints.

She was a vegetarian and she liked eating spicy and salty food. She preferred warm weather as her complaints usually got aggravated in the cold weather.
She was practicing in a reputed law firm. Her father was retired and her mother was a home maker. Her brother was working in a private company. She stayed as a paying guest in Mumbai away from her family.

She was mild and friendly. She loved to socialize, but due to her skin problems she felt embarrassment. She was ambitious by nature. Off late, due to her suffering, she had become irritable and indifferent towards her family.

She had taken ayurvedic and allopathic treatment for more than 3 years with very mild relief.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed research based medicines for her.

Patient reported for follow up on 7th of May 2012 with mild increase in her dryness and itching.

Patient visited Life Force on 6th of August 2012 with mild improvement on hands, back, abdomen .Her itching had improved 30% but her dryness was persistent. Dr Shah made appropriate changes in the remedy.

Patient visited the clinic on 17th of September 2012 with very little improvement. The lesions on the hands and back had improved remarkably. The lesions on the legs, face, ears and abdomen had not shown much change. Dr Shah enhanced the dose for her.

Patient started showing amazing improvement on her follow up on 30th of October 2012.There was no spread, the itching had improved by 60%. There were no new lesions and the old lesions showed 50% improvement all over the body and the hand had completely cleared. She was very happy with the results so far. She wished that her skin becomes normal like her hands, especially the face and neck.

She reported on 8th December 2012 and 18th January 2013 that her disease had not worsened as it always did in the winters.

Dr. Shah upgraded her medication as case had become standstill due to winters.
She came for follow up on 18th of March 2013 and reported further improvement.

When she visited the clinic on 22nd of April 2013 she reported 70% improvement all over the body. She still had itching on the lesions.

Recently, when she reported on 23th of June 2013 her lesions were 80% better all over the body. She had no itching, no scaling, her lesion’s hyper pigmented marks had also lightened by 75%. There were no cracks, no active lesions.
She is still continuing medication to achieve complete recovery.

This was a difficult and chronic condition, which had not responded to conventional treatment for three years. The young girl was in agony and her eyes conveyed the sadness. The recovery helped her regain hope and happiness.

Uploaded on 29 July 2013 Dr. Ishita

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