Young surgeon with Oral Lichen Planus was fully cured with homeopathy

Twenty-eight-year-old young general surgeon Dr. B.R.P. (Patient Identification No- 6155) visited Life Force on 8th October 2004 for his complaint of Lichen Planus.

He was a known case of lichen planus suffering since 1.5 years. He had lichen planus lesions on his wrists, legs, back, waist and even in the buccal cavity. He had raised, erythematous and hyperpigmented skin lesions. Initially, he had to itch over the lesions. He had to burn in the mouth after eating spicy food. He had taken oral corticosteroids as well as the local steroidal application for a long time but there was no relief. Being a doctor, he knew that lichen planus had no cure in allopathy. They can just suppress it. So he was looking for alternative forms of treatment. He had also taken ayurvedic treatment in the past and was continuing it but it was also not giving him any improvement. He then searched about homeopathy and its scope in cases of lichen planus on the internet and decided to start his treatment with Life Force.

His appetite was average. He had the strong liking for spicy food, sweets, meat, and chicken. His thirst was normal. He could not tolerate cold in any form.

He was a resident of Pune. His father was also a surgeon. His mother was a housewife and he had one elder and one younger sister. He had marked anxiety about his health and disease condition. His routine life and medical profession were greatly affected due to lichen planus. He was very sensitive to nature, would never hurt anyone's emotions. Even when he got angry, he always used to suppress his anger. He never liked to be consoled when he was emotional.

His maternal grandfather had cancer.

After studying his case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed him Carcinosin 200 along with research-based medicine for lichen planus.

Twenty days later, he reported on the phone that new lesions were coming up on his legs and in the mouth. He had taken steroids in the past and was aware that the lesions had resurfaced because of the withdrawal of steroids.

After 3 months, he reported that his lichen planus was 30 % better. His lesions on arms, legs, back, waist, and mouth were reduced. But still, new small lesions were coming which lasted for about one week. Some changes were made in his prescription by Dr. Shah.

Three months later, he visited Life Force. His lichen planus was 50% better. Old lesions had healed and only hyper-pigmented spots were found. He had little itching over the lesions on the abdomen. Occasionally, still, new lesions came but with very mild intensity. There were no new lesions and no burning in the mouth. He was very anxious about the new lesions which were coming.

He reported again after 3 months, his lichen planus lesions on the skin was 80% cured. Even the hyperpigmentation of the spots was better. His oral lichen planus was further better. Now, new lesions rarely appeared.

He reported 2 months later. He had now developed the lesion on his genitals. His old lesions on skin and mouth were further better. His medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah. He reported 2 months later that his spots on genitals were better and his old spots were much under control.

Four months later, he visited Life Force and reported that his lichen planus was 90% cured. There was only occasional itching over the genitals.

After 2 months, he reported that his lichen planus was cured 100% and there were no new lesions. He was finally happy and relieved.

He visited Life Force on 9th May 2014; 8 years after his treatment. He presented with scattered lesions of lichen planus all over his body and mouth. On taking his details, he reported that he underwent dental root canal treatment, 8 months back and after that, the lesions had started to appear. Lichen planus was slowly increasing now. He had already experienced Dr. Shah's expertise in treating such difficult and chronic case of lichen planus masked with steroids and so was very hopeful to get his lichen planus cured this time as well.

(Case study prepared by Dr. Kruti on 13/05/2014)

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