A lady developed skin rash on her left foot and later spread all over the body, which was diagnosed clinically as Lichen Planus and confirmed with a biopsy.

Mrs. S, a 52 years old West Indian lady consulted for Lichen Planus on the 23rd of December 1999.

She developed a skin rash on her left foot about 15 months back and spread to feet, both the legs, hands and back in about three months' time. It was diagnosed clinically as Lichen Planus and confirmed with a biopsy. It was an extensive form of Lichen Planus affecting about 45% of the body area. It did not affect her mouth or vagina, however. She was complaining of mild itching on the skin.

Other complaints:
She has been a hypertensive patient and has been receiving antihypertensive medication for the last five years. She is also diabetic with controlled blood sugar with oral hypoglycemic medicines.

Personal history:
She is fair skin, average build. She eats well. She desired fish very much. She hated boiled vegetables! Her thirst was average. She would prefer cold more than heat. She would perspire more on the back without any strong odor. Her bowels do move regularly for which she takes herbal purgatives.

She had had hysterectomy four years ago due to uterine fibroids. Her sleep is not sound. She would wake up several times, suddenly. She sleeps on her sides. She does not see peculiar dreams.

Her Family:
She is a housewife. Her family consists of her husband (60 years old, retired), son (31 years old, advertising officer), son (26 years, computer animator), Son ( software engineer, settled in the US), Daughter-in-law, son (20 years)

About her mental sphere and emotions:
She is a mild person. She is quiet and less communicative. Tends to be sad and reserved. She does not share her feelings with others, does not talk about her problems with others. She keeps her sad emotions within. Dwells on past unpleasant events. When some sad event takes place, recalls the old but similar events and feels the sadness afresh! Tends to have silent grief.

Concerned about family. Cares for everyone. Sacrificing. Weeps easily, not in presence of others, though. Sheds tears when alone. Does to expect any consolation. However, if consoled sincerely, she feels better.

Kind-hearted, helpful, sympathetic. Very systematic in her work, a perfectionist. Anxiety about lichen planus.

Past history: Hysterectomy
Family history: Her father had tuberculosis, maternal uncle had cancer of the liver.

Past Treatment:
She had used cortisone creams as well as some oral steroids with temporary relief. Since she is diabetic, she was discouraged to take more oral steroids.

Case Approach:
After the case study as above, the total understanding of the case was gathered. She is an introvert lad with strong emotions harbored within, which has probably given her a tendency to have physical 'let-out'. The Lichen Planus was probably socialization of her emotional mind-frame. She did not have any specific disturbing event, however, she personifies was that of an introvert and self-suffering type.

Based on this theme and incorporating her other physical attributes as described above, a Homoeopathic remedy called Natrum Muriaticum was selected for her as a constitutional remedy.

Natrum Muriaticum was prescribed to her on the 23rd of December 1999 at a certain dose. The patient was received a month later when her itching has reduced drastically but the eruptions remained the same. Her sleep had improved remarkably, which was considered a good sign of general improvement.

The Lichen Planus eruptions are deep-rooted, take time to show changes. The remedy was continued further in the appropriate dose for one more month. She was seen again on the 25th March to find that her Lichen Planus was better by over 50%. The medicine was continued for two more months.

All the eruptions disappeared completely. Her treated was terminated. At the time when this case study is being written (10th April 2001), we contacted the patient over the telephone to find out the latest status. It was reported that she is completely free from Lichen Planus eruptions. She had no relapse till the date

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