A 24 years old male Mr. T.D. reported to the center for the treatment of extensive Psoriasis.

A 24 years old male Mr. T.D. reported to the center for the treatment of extensive Psoriasis. His PIN is 12023. He was suffering from Psoriasis since the last one year.
It started on the legs and then spread all over the body. He took treatment from a dermatologist and was relieved. However, he faced a relapse a few weeks ago.
He was working in Dubai and suddenly the psoriasis flared up. Within a few weeks it was all over his body. He had to rush back to India.

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This case is very exemplary, as it gives all the aspects of the triggers of psoriasis.
When we study the evolution of psoriasis in this young man, we learn many things.

Patient was a taxi driver in his native village near Goa.
He lived with his parents and elder brother and grandparents.
His father had retired. His mother was a home maker.
His elder brother was married with two kids.

They were facing financial difficulties as his elder brother had separated and the family was dependent on the patient's income.

His father was a temperamental person. He was fault finding and critical in nature.
Patient would have frequent conflicts with his father.
His elder brother had also faced similar difficulties and hence had separated.

To meet the financial obligations the patient had gone to Dubai for a job. His diet habits changed. He had to eat more of meat, beef and preserved food.
The weather there was tough. He was into installing glass windows. So he had to constantly get exposed to the high temperatures and come back in the cool air conditioners.

He faced a lot of discrimination there. Though he was a Muslim, he was treated inferiorly by South Indian Muslims, who were dominating. He had a deep vexation towards his boss who ill-treated him. He had quarreled with a native and had been threatened with dire consequences. Being away from home, he was missing his family.

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In this setting; the psoriasis triggered, and erupted very severely, and within, weeks, spread all over the body.

He was forced to come back to India. In such a severe condition, he was brought for treatment at Life Force. He had lost 5-6 kilograms of weight and he was toxic. He had visited the center on the 12 Th of January 2009.

Thermally, he was intolerant to heat and sun. He had a liking for spicy food.
His parents were suffering from Diabetes. His paternal uncle had suffered from a mild form of palmo-plantar psoriasis.

He described himself as an angry, revengeful, violent and sentimental person.
Dr. Rajesh Shah examined the patient and inquired further about the disease and the stress that he was undergoing. Dr Shah counseled him to remain calm, cool and happy. <

Dr Shah prescribed him Staphysagria 30 C along with research based remedies.

The patient reported on 21 St May, the psoriasis had further increased in its natural progression. Dr Shah upgraded the remedy and prescribed Staphysagria 200 C.

The patient reported on 8 Th July 2009, there was complete remission. The patient remained in complete remission for almost one year.


He again faced a relapse on 31 St March 2010. This time around he was again in Saudi and he was facing stress due to adverse work environment.
This was promptly addressed with Homeopathy, and in two-three months there was complete remission. He was sent medicines there and he could continue his work.

The patient visited the center on the 5 Th October 2011. He is under remission. He has gained weight. He is much settled, financially and professionally.

Dr Shah had suggested some ways of communication and expression. He had followed then effectively. Dr. Shah advised him to continue the treatment for another one year. He is still under our care and guidance.

In we try to understand the causes leading to psoriasis as enumerated on our website
This case gives the clinical presentation.

This young may had financial worries (anxiety)
Home sickness (sadness and grief)
Strained relationship with father and boss. (Anger)
Extremes of temperature. (Extreme of heat and cold)
Change in Food habits. (Diet)
Family history of Psoriasis. (Hereditary)

When many factors come together, the disease manifests. Hence we have stated under causes that Psoriasis is a multi-factorial disease. Most cases have more than one cause responsible to initiate and continue chronic psoriasis.

It is not just skin deep. The treatment calls for an in-depth case study. Homeopathy treats all round causes of psoriasis.
Stress induced
Environmental factors

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