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Hepatitis C virus count reduction from 2720000 IU/ML to 464 within 3 months

A 33-year-old male, Mr. S.G. (patient reference number: 13027) visited our clinic, he was detected with hepatitis-C in October 2009 (2 months back). His viral count was found to be 2720000 IU/ML. HCV Genotype-3 was detected. He had not taken any treatment so far for his Hepatitis C.

His appetite was average and there was a marked craving for sweets.
He was working as an accountant in paddy market yard. As a person he was known to get angry, especially when he was been compared with other people’s status.

He had no major illness in the past expect typhoid which he had twice.

On basis of these details, his case was evaluated and Dr Shah prescribed the medicines for him.

After 3 months when his viral load was repeated the count was found to be 464 HCV RNA copier/ml, which was a drastic reduction in the viral count. His viral load reduced from 2720000 IU/ML to 464 HCV RNA copier/ml within 3 months of homeopathy treatment.

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Viral Load

This case illustrates the fact that homeopathy has excellent scope in the treatment of chronic infections like Hepatitis C. Reduction of viral load from 2720000 to 464, without the use of interferon, is almost unbelievable by the conventional doctors. This documented case is a good example of the efficacy of homeopathy.

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