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A Chronic, Methotrexate dependent case of Psoriasis cured with Homeopathy.

Mr. A. P. D., 55 year old, high profile executive in a multinational company, (Patient Identification Number 19809) was suffering from Psoriasis from 6-7 years. He reported at Life Force Clinic on 1st September 2012 for treatment under Dr Rajesh Shah as he had heard about the vast experience of Dr Shah in treating difficult and chronic cases of Psoriasis. He was a managing director of a very big textile company.

He had Psoriatic patches on his palms, fingers and elbows. He was presently being treated by a dermatologist by local steroids and methotrexate. He was relieved by 50 % with the conventional treatment. However it was not helping to heal completely. All the patches were mild but persistent.

His appetite was average with craving for spicy food. There was no complaints in bowels and sleep. His perspiration was profuse especially on soles and palms.

He was very calm, composed and balanced by nature. He was very supportive and under standing in the consulting room. He behaved in a very simple and polite manner.

In the past he had suffered from Psoriatic Arthritis of the left elbow. He had been operated for that.

His case was studied by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed Carcinocin along with research based medicines.

The main concern in treating him was the flare up which was anticipated on attempting to withdraw local steroids and Methotrexate. As he was a very high profile patient and the lesions were presently subdued, they were like to flare up on trying to reduce the doses of Methotrexate. He was carefully explained every thing in detail. Since his wife was a doctor, she could under stand all the aspects very well. He was also very supportive and receptive.

After 2 months medication he reported on 16 th November, 2012 with 15-20 % improvement in his Psoriasis. The itching, scaling and size of the patches on the elbows had decreased. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah.

After 4 months of treatment he visited on 4th January, 2013 with around 50% improvement in his Psoriasis. The itching and scaling had reduced by 50%. Now, Dr Shah advised him to slowly reduce the use of methotrexate. The dose of local steroids was kept constant. He gradually tapered the dose of methotrexate. He was taking it 15 mg per week. He reduced it to 10 mg per week and then gradually to 5 mg per week and then eventually stopped it. There was some flare up which was countered by the use of enhanced doses of Homeopathy. The second step was to reduce and stop the use of local steroids. Slowly he was advised to taper that down too. In three to four months, he gradually reduced the dose of local steroids also and the resultant flare up was addressed by enhanced doses of Homeopathic potencies.

He visited on 9 th May, 2013 and reported with 70% improvement in his Psoriasis. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded. He had shown a very good compliance to the treatment. The psoriasis was almost relieved by 70-80 % however the best part was that he was not on any suppressive therapy. The most difficult part of the treatment was over. Gradually he showed further progress and there was considerable relief in all the lesions. He was just applying moisturizers locally.

He visited on 4th July, 2013 with 90% relief in Psoriasis. There was mild and occasional itching and scaling.

He has been advised to continue for few more months as a maintenance therapy.

Uploaded on 2 August 2013 by Dr. S.P.K.

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