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Chronic dermatographic urticaria cured in 8 months with homeopathy...



Ms. S. S., 26 years old female was brought to the clinic by her parents for treatment of her urticaria (Patient Identification Number 7639).

She was suffering with the urticaria since 2 years. The rashes would appear everyday, all over her body and last for around 30 minutes. The itching was terrible and she was unable to bear it or carry out her day-to-day activities. Whenever the hives would appear she would turn red all over and end up scratching herself badly.

Despite this she was on no medicines.
Her appetite was normal with a marked craving for sweets and strawberries. She would suffer from profuse perspiration prominently on the face.

She was studying accountancy. Her father was into construction business, mother was a home maker and she had a younger brother who was studying commerce.

She had cordial relations with her parents. Her mother who had accompanied her remarked she was extremely sensitive to the remarks made by others. She was short tempered and would often end up being abusive when angry. She would weep easily. She was anxious by nature and had low self-confidence. She would suffer from anxiety before her exams, even if she were well-prepared with her studies. She was unable to give presentations or do public speaking. Her mother also added she was depressed since few months due to her anxiety and over sensitiveness. Her sleep was always disturbed.

Dr Rajesh Shah studied her case in detail. She was suffering from chronic idiopathic dermatographism. She was prescribed Dr Shah's research based medicines for urticaria. In 4 weeks she reported of no change. Dr Shah advised them to keep patience and allow more time. Certain changes were made in the medicines and she was asked to continue with them for next 6 weeks. At the end of this course, S.S. reported of 30% improvement in the urticaria. The rashes which were earlier occurring everyday were now less frequent, she would get them once in two three days. The itching had reduced considerably and the hives would last for fifteen to twenty minutes.

She continued with the medication further. In the next 4 weeks the urticaria was further better, 50% improvement. Her mother reported she now observed her daughter to be less anxious and angry. Her sleep was improving.

They continued with the treatment regularly and in 8 months her urticaria was completely cured. She never reported of the hives anytime later. Her anxiety was substantially better and she was leading a normal life, able to cope up better with things.

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