5½ year old boy with plantar psoriasis, blood oozing out from soles it was painful, steroidal ointments worked temporarily

5½ year old child, Master S. D. (Patient reference number: L8269), was brought to the clinic by his mother for complaints of cracks in the right sole since 2 years. The cracks in the sole were painful and would ooze and bleed when they got deeper. He also complained of itching in the sole. His complaints had been gradually increasing. He had been diagnosed as having plantar psoriasis and had been put on steroidal ointments for the same but that had helped him only temporarily. He had had remission from his complaints about 2 -3 times in the last 2 years and each remission had lasted for about 2 weeks. He did not have any other complaint apart from this and kept good health in general.

He had a normal appetite with liking for sweets. He was averse to meat and fish. He was sensitive to cold climate in general. He had no complaints pertaining to bowels or bladder functions. His birth history and milestones were all normal except for speech which was delayed; he started talking when he was 2 years old.

He was studying in Grade 1 when he reported to us and he stayed with his parents. He was a very restless child and his mother said that even his teachers would often complain that he was restless and talkative in class. Due to his restless nature, he would not be able to concentrate on his studies and would fair averagely at school. He loved to play with his friends.

There was no history of any other health problem that he had suffered from in the past. His grandmother suffered from hypertension and diabetes and apart from this there was no history of any other major illnesses in the family.

Based on the above history he was prescribed Carcinosin 200 along with another medicine that has been prepared at Life force for the treatment of Psoriasis. After a month's treatment, he reported to us that he was about 70% better in his complaints. His treatment was continued on similar lines and at the end of 4 months of treatment, he was completely free from his complaints. His treatment was concluded thereafter and he was asked to report to us in case he developed any complaints anytime in future.

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