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9 years old would land up with cough and chest congestion. He would occasionally vomit out the expectoration which would be whitish in colour. He would have marked dyspnoea during the attack

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.9 years old child, Master C. L., (patient reference number: L6378), was brought to the clinic for complaints of Asthma since 3 years. Every 6-8 weeks, he would land up with cough and chest congestion. Occasionally, there would be vomitting of the expectoration which would be whitish in colour. He would have marked dyspnoea(breathlessness) during the attack and this would persist for long. There would be fever and cold during the attack. His symptoms of asthma would be worse in winter; worse from cold drinks and chocolates. During the acute episode, his breathlessness would be worse from lying down and worse around midnight up to 1 a.m. He would be very lethargic during the episode of asthma and his appetite would be very low. He was not any regular medication for asthma but would require allopathic medication and inhalers from time to time.

He was a child with an average built but a poor appetite. He was extremely fond of chocolates, sweets and cold drinks. He had an aversion to vegetables and yogurt. His water intake was average and usually, his sweat was not much. He was more sensitive to cold climate in general and would prefer warmer surroundings. His bowel and bladder functions were normal. His sleep was sound.

He stayed with his parents and 2 elder sisters. He studied in grade 3 and was a very short tempered boy. He would get angry at trifles and would shout at others and beat them when angry. Whenever he would get angry, he would not talk to anyone and instead sit in one corner and sulk. He was very obstinate and would never obey what others would tell him; he would do things his way. Even amongst his friends, he was very dominating but occasionally he too would get beaten up and come home crying. He would not get along well with his sisters either and would keep fighting with them too. He did not like to study. He would weep easily, especially when he was angry and would be worse on being consoled. He would want to be left alone at such times. He would hate to be contradicted by anyone. Whenever he would fall ill, he would become very mild as compared to his nature at other times.

He did not have history of any major illness in the past. His maternal grandmother and maternal uncle suffered from asthma and his mother had hypothyroidism. His paternal grandmother had hypertension and ischemic heart disease.

On examination, his weight was 25 kgs and chest examination was unremarkable. There was no wheeze in the chest and air entry was bilaterally equal. His tonsils were enlarged but not inflamed.
Based on the above history he was prescribed Lycopodium 200 along with another remedy that has been developed at Lifeforce for the treatment of Asthma. His treatment was continued for 4 months and at the end of this period he was much better than before. He had not got any major asthmatic attacks in these 4 months of treatment and had mild cold and cough once. He did not need any allopathic medication during this period and overall his general health was much better. His appetite also improved and he gained some weight as well. His treatment for Asthama was continued further for some more time and thereafter concluded. Thus it can be seen that the periodic need for inhalers and allopathic medication in this patient was eradicated and his overall immunity improved such that he did not fall prey to frequent attacks of asthma after Homeopathic treatment.


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