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20 year old case of psoriasis gets significant relief in one year with Dr Shah's medicines..

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Mr. S.S.C aged 40 years (Patient Identification Number 13827) Visited Life Force on 29th May 2010 for the treatment of psoriasis. He was on methotrexate and halo top ointment but with a tendency to relapse. Whenever he used these medicines his psoriasis was better but after stopping halo top ointment, psoriatic patches would reappear again but with more complex form. He stopped methotrexate as he started suffering from its side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and drowsiness. At this point of time, he decided to resort to homeopathy.

He was suffering from psoriasis for 20 years. He would have scaling and redness with intense itching. There was a raw surface with oozing of clear fluid and bleeding after scratching.

He had an average appetite. There was a marked craving for sweets. His bowel and urination were normal. His sleep was disturbed due to itching.

He was very religious. He would not like a person who goes against God. He was mild and calm by nature but was frustrated with his psoriasis complaint. He became irritable and short-tempered out of his psoriasis. He had despair for recovery.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed his research-based medicines along with constitutional medicines for his psoriasis. It was explained to him that during the initial period of homeopathic treatment, there were chances of appearance of new spots; which would be because of the resurfacing of psoriasis after tapering the methotrexate.

After 2 months of medication, there was some improvement seen and there was the appearance of new spots as well. This was an anticipated methotrexate rebound effect which was explained to him earlier.

After 6 months of medication, there was a 50% improvement in psoriasis. There was no appearance of new spots. The disease activity was controlled. The pace of the disease had slowed down. Itching reduced significantly. His sleep was also sound.

After 10 months of medication around 90% of improvement was seen. There was significant improvement seen in scaling and redness. The itching was completely better. In one year, he was completely cured. He is still continuing the medicines.

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Results may vary from person to person

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