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A 56-Years-Old Lady Got 80% Improvement In Her Recovery From Lichen Planus Within 1 Year At Life Force

A 56-year-old married lady, Mrs. V.P.J. (PIN: 34317) consulted at Life Force for her Lichen Planus complaints on the 11th of November 2017. Initially, she had developed dark blackish eruptions on her hand, however, later, they got spread on her whole body. At the time of consultation, her legs, hands, back, and abdomen were affected with Lichen Planus. Her oral cavity and genitals were not affected by it. Her eruptions were thick, raised, and dark brown with profound itching. She had taken conventional and Ayurvedic treatment for the same but didn’t get any satisfactory result. She had applied steroid-based ointment, but it was stopped for one month. Besides Lichen Planus, she was also suffering from diabetes and hypertension.

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She had a family history of Tuberculosis. She had fair skin and an average build. She was vegetarian by diet. Her appetite was average. She desired spicy and oily food a lot. But, she had no specific disliking. Her thirst was less. Her perspiration was profuse. She would prefer cold than heat. Her bowel was regular. Her menopause had started nine years back. Her sleep was disturbed. She would wake up several times at night. She didn’t see peculiar dreams.

She was a housewife. Her husband was a retired person; he was working in an Ayurvedic pharmacy. Her son was an engineer and was in a job in the US.

In her family, her father had cancer, and her mother was suffering from asthma. Her sister was suffering from diabetes and hypertension. She had typhoid in her past. She had a skin tumor that was operated in June 2017. 

She was reserved in nature. Her childhood was very happy. After marriage, she faced some challenges like her husband left his job and shifted to his village. The patient found this decision quite upsetting. She was emotional but sometimes used to be stubborn. Overall, she was mild and gentle. 

After studying her case, Dr. Shah prescribed a research-based molecule to the patient and advised her a few blood tests. On 19th January 2018, she gave her first feedback. She informed that her relief from the complaints had started improving gradually. Her itching had also reduced. In her blood reports, her glucose level was high. So, she was advised to consult her diabetologist.

After two months on 21st March 2018, the patient visited our center and informed that then her itching had reduced drastically and her eruptions too had reduced. Her sleep had improved remarkably, and that was considered to be a good sign of general improvement. There were no new eruptions. Her diabetes and hypertension were under the control of conventional medicine. 

A few months later on 26th June 2018, she visited us again for her feedback. Her relief from Lichen Planus was 60% improved, and her relief from itching was 80% improved. She didn’t have any problems. Her condition had improved remarkably. That time, she informed about her backache. She was suffering from lower back pain for one year. Her backache used to get triggered often after exertion. She was advised to practice the exercises and not to lift any heavy load. 

When the patient gave her feedback on 27th August 2018, her Lichen Planus eruptions were stable. No new eruptions had appeared. Her relief from itching and dryness had improved a lot. Her diabetes, hypertension, and backaches were stable. That time, she was going to meet with her son in the US.

After she came back from the US, on 18th December 2018, she gave her feedback and informed that her recovery from Lichen Planus was better by more than 80%. Her relief from all her symptoms was 80% improved. Only hyperpigmented spots were remaining. Her sleep had improved a lot. Overall, she was doing very well with the treatment. 

The patient is still continuing the homeopathic treatment from Life Force for further improvement.

This case highlights the efficiency of homeopathic medicines in treating Lichen Planus effectively and safely without any side-effects in a short span of time. 

Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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