Cortisone masked case of Lichen Planus.. after 8 months treatment better by 90%

A 48 years old lady, Mrs. J.S (Patient Identification number 15148) a lawyer by profession visited Life Force Center for treatment of Lichen Planus which began 6 months back.

She had Lichen Planus on her back abdomen and thighs. She complained of symptoms like severe itching, dryness, and burning pains. Itching was so intense that usually scratching led to bleeding which was better by applying ice.

In medical history it was found that her lichen planus was cortisone masked as she was on topical as well as oral cortisone.

Emotionally she was very sensitive and responsible. She was very close to her uncle and her lichen planus started after he expired. She showed brooding tendency.

She had marked desire for milk and milk products. Thermally she was hot with profuse perspiration all over the body.

After studying the case in details Dr. Rajesh Shah advised her to reduce the frequency of steroidal ointment and slowly stop it (chances of resurfacing were explained) and prescribed him our research based medicine along with her constitutional medicine. At the 2 months follow up Mrs. J.S reported that her lesions of lichen planus had started spreading as soon as she stopped oral and topical steroids but the itching and discomfort were better.

At the 6-month follow-up, Mrs. J.S reported that her lesions had stopped spreading and her itching and discomfort was better by 50%. On examination it was found that most of her lesions have flattened and have blend with the skin.

At the 8-month follow-up, Mrs. J.S reported that her major complaint of itching and discomfort were better by 90% and the lesions were less by more than 60%. On examination it was found that only the post lichen planus hyper-pigmentation marks remained. She has been advised another 6 months treatment for the marks. ( Uploaded on 19th August by Dr. SNB)

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