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A young patient Mr. K.R., an engineer in a leading steel company reported to our center with Psoriasis

A young patient Mr. K.R. an engineer in a leading steel company reported to our center with Psoriasis. His Pin is 11286. He was 25 years old, tall, fair and well built.

He was suffering from psoriasis since the last two years. He had lesions on forehead, scalp, legs and hands. There were red patches and scales. He complained of severe dryness and itching especially in the winter. He had tried many treatments but none of them seemed to help. He did not get any relief.

Then a senior colleague suggested Homeopathy and Life Force and he came to us for treatment.

His case was taken in detail.

He was a resident of Delhi. He had done B tech from IIT Powai and he was working in a steel company near Mumbai. His parents and sister resided in Delhi. He was staying in the company quarters.

He was leading a normal life, with no major stress or strain. His father worked for the bank and his mother was a teacher.

Patient was calm and sincere; he would get anxious before the exams and before any meetings. He was very image conscious and fastidious.

He had a hobby of listening to music and painting.

His grandfather had suffered from cancer.

He was more tolerant to the winter than the summer season.

He had profuse perspiration all over the body.

When probed about the genesis of his psoriasis, he confessed that he was deeply in love with a girl from his college. But some how, he did not get a positive response from her due to belonging to a different caste. This had lead to severe depression and sadness, which was unexpressed. He never told this to any one. Just his best friend knew about it. After the girl’s marriage he developed the first spots of psoriasis.

Dr Shah studied the evolutionary aspect, the emotional aspect and prescribed Nat-mur 30 C along with research based remedies.

The patient reported very good improvement by four months, the redness reduced, the scales reduced, the dandruff reduced. By eight months there was around 50 % relief.

Dr Shah made appropriate changes in the remedies and in 18 months there was complete recovery. He experienced a very positive change in his over all health. He had become cheerful and confident.

Thus, there was over all improvement in all aspects. In the skin, scalp and on the level of mind. He said that the scalp psoriasis and the lesions on his forehead had caused him deep embarrassment and lowering in the self esteem. However he was very happy now.

Homeopathy helps to unlock deep seated emotional knots, release the energy and direct the body in the direction of cure.

(Uploaded on 19th August 2011 by Dr. ADP)


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