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Lady with Chalazae on both eyelids, had undergone surgery got treated with homeopathy

This is the case of Ms. G.A (Patient Ref. No. S-5422) a 24 years old female who reported to the clinic for her complaints of chalazion. She had developed chalazae over both her eyelids and involving both the eyes in the last one year. She had also undergone surgical excision of the chalazae in the left eye in the past, but she had recurrence of the condition after a while. Later she developed chalazae in the right eye as well.

She also had complaints of recurrent headaches since 5 to 6 years. She was a known case of prolapsed intervertebral disc since 10 months. There would be pain in the lower back that would get worse from stooping and on lifting weights. Apart from this, she also started having excessive hair loss since the past few months.

She was a lean girl with an average built. Her appetite was normal and she was fond of sweets and spicy foods. Her bowel habits were irregular and she would be frequently constipated. Her menstrual cycles were regular and she would become very irritable and angry before her menses. Her sleep was sound and refreshing.

She was employed as a secretary in a company and was staying with her husband and in-laws. She was very short tempered and would get angry very fast. The least contradiction from someone would provoke her anger. She would get very anxious and irritable before her menses. She also stated that she would be very suspicious before the onset of her menses. She would weep whenever she would get tensed and weeping would give her some relief. Her husband's job involved a lot of traveling and he would be off-shore for long periods and she would get tensed about this too.

She had history of Koch's in the past and she had completed the treatment for the same. Apart from this she had been operated for the chalazion over the left eye in the past, as mentioned before. On the family front, her mother had hypertension, diabetes and asthma.

Based on the above history she was prescribed Staphysagria 200 for her complaints. Within just 4 months of homeopathic treatment, her complaint of recurrent chalazae was almost gone. The existing chalazae were completely gone and she did not develop any new ones. Her other complaints of migraine and backache were also much better than before. Her hair loss was significantly better in another couple of months. Overall she did very well with the homeopathic treatment in all her complaints. She was asked to discontinue her treatment after this as she did not require any further treatment.

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