A 34 years old female visited our centre with the complaints of Lichen Planus.

A 34 years old female Ms. S. K. (PIN NO - 10922), visited our centre with the complaints of of Lichen Planus. She had been suffering from this since the last 10 years. Her Lichen Planus was spread extensively, all over the body involving abdomen, chest, back and both extremities. It would itch and leave hyper pigmented marks. It had gradually increased in the last few years. She had taken conventional treatment of steroids for a year in oral as well as injection form, but did not find any relief. Then she took Ayurvedic treatment for another couple of years, yet she did not get any relief. She was then introduced to Life Force through a common friend who had benefited from our treatment.

She had associated complaints of recurrent sinusitis since the last 6 years. She would get sneezing, throat pain, irritation, ear block thrice in a year, which would subside in 10 – 15 days on conventional treatment.

She even complained of some delayed menses with scanty bleeding since the past 2 months. She had not taken any medicine for this complaint.

She was a vegetarian having an average diet. She liked spicy food. She was more affected by heat. There were no complaints with bowels, thirst, perspiration and sleep.

She was a lecturer by profession in an esteemed College of Mumbai. She was teaching economics subject. She was pursuing her PHD in that subject. Her father was retired as an engineer working in Godrej Company. Her mother was a housewife. She had a younger sister who was married and settled.

She was a reserved person. She had experienced stress related to marital issues which had ended in divorce. She could sustain her married life only for 4 months, as her husband had many extra marital affairs. She had married her colleague and they were still working together in the same work place. This was the perpetual stress in her life.

She was hoping for a 2nd marriage and was looking for alliances. She had become stubborn and short tempered because of her stress. She has decidedly put forth her work as most important and is a very dedicated teacher. Now she was happily enjoying her work. She was satisfied and settled. She had special affection for her younger sister.

There was family history of Diabetes in paternal side and high blood pressure in maternal side. Her paternal aunt had suffered from cancer and other aunt had eczema.

After a detailed case analysis Dr. Shah prescribed her Sepia 200C and research based medicine.

In the first few follow up, her complaints of Lichen Planus were mildly improved. The itching had reduced. No new spots had occurred. The recurrent sinusitis was almost better by 50 %. The menses were regular and the flow had become normal.

After 6 months of treatment, again new spots had started to appear with itching. Her prescription was upgraded by Dr. Shah. The complaint of sinus was almost better by 90%.

After 12 months of treatment her Lichen Planus had reduced to a few spots only. Itching had reduced. Signs of healing were noticeable. There were no complaints of sinus.

After another 6 months of treatment her old lesions were healed by 70%. Occasionally new spots would appear, once in 2 months which would heal within 10 days. Her sinus and menses complaints were completely treated.

After 2 years of treatment her spots had reduced by 90%. There were hyper pigmented healed spots. She was advised to continue her medication for another couple of months to completely abolish the tendency of any recurrence. She is still continuing the medicines for the hyper pigmentation.

She is very happy and satisfied with the way her treatment had been planned and executed.

Uploaded on 16th Nov 2011 by Dr. Megha

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