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An 8-Years-Old Girl Was Relieved Of Atopic Dermatitis With Homeopathic Treatment

A small 8-years-old girl, Ms. J.R. visited Life Force at Santa Cruz clinic on 13th Oct 2013. She was suffering from a skin disease called Atopic Dermatitis from the last three years. It had affected her face, below the eyes, around the nose, lips, and bilateral forearm. It used to erupt once in a week and used to turn worse with the climatic changes and sweat. She used to suffer from itching, redness, and swelling. She was applying steroid creams for the same.

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She was also suffering from Herpes Simplex from the last five years. The herpetic eruptions would come at the corners of her mouth and upper lip. It used to erupt once in a month and last for 2-3 days. The eruptions would be very painful and itchy. She would apply Herplex ointment or Neosporin when required.

Her appetite was normal with a mixed diet, but she always preferred chicken. She did not like fruits. Her thirst was normal. There was profuse perspiration, particularly on her face. She would always feel very cold. Her stools were hard, and she had to strain. Her urine was normal. Her sleep was sound.

She was studying in class 3 and had a younger brother. Her parents were professionals.< /p>

Her mother was suffering from Allergic Rhinitis and Acidity, and her brother was suffering from Allergy.

The patient had suffered from Febrile convulsion and was also hospitalized for the same in the past. She was also operated for Umbilical Hernia.

She was very mild and sober child and very mature for her age. She had a good memory. She was reserved and did not like socializing. She wept easily and was irritable because she couldn’t fight back or hit anyone at school.

Dr. Shah studied the whole case in detail and prescribed research-based medicine.

The patient gave the first follow-up on 26th Nov 2013. She was better, but, as she had traveled to the cold places where the temperature was about 1-degree C, the eruptions and rash around her eyes had developed again. Herpes was better.

After another six months in June 2014, her Atopic Dermatitis had aggravated. Her skin was dry, rough with itching, and rash around the eyes. Herpes on her lips had also increased.

After another six months in Nov 2014, Dr. Shah restudied the case and she was 80% better. Rashes would develop only if she went out in the sun or would sweat. She was not applying any local steroids. The itching was continuous. Herpes eruptions were better than earlier.

After another 6 months in May 2016, her Atopic Dermatitis was better, itching had decreased, the roughness of the skin had decreased, but the hypopigmented spot remained. Her herpetic eruptions had disappeared.

In her last follow-up was in Aug 2016, Atopic Dermatitis was good and the hypopigmented spot had reduced and further disappeared. Herpes had flared a little but settled soon on its own.

She was very happy because, even though it took time, she was completely cured of the itchy and irritating skin problem from which she was suffering from a long time.


This case illustrates that homeopathy is quite effective in treating skin problem like atopic dermatitis in children successfully and safely without any side-effects.

- Written by Dr. Harshali, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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