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In the first 6 weeks of treatment there was a remarkable improvement by 50 %....

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A 50 years old female, Mrs. P .L. P (Pin no. 12971) visited Life force centre on 28 Nov. 2010 with complaints of chronic Urticaria and Angioedema which she had from the last 7 years. She had rashes all over the body and swelling of lips, face and scalp.

She had the symptoms of severe itching, skin rash and angioedema twice daily in morning and night and it would subside after 2 hours. Her complaints would aggravate by vegetables like brinjal, capsicum, beans, radish and sour things like lemons. Rainy season as well as stress was a triggering factor for her complaints of Urticaria. She used to practice yoga and panchakarma. She had taken anti-histamines in the past which did not help much. She was a Diabetic patient and her sugar levels were under control on conventional medication. She was detected with a small fibroid in uterus 1 year ago.

She had an increased appetite and she had cravings for sweets. Her thirst was reduced and she used to perspire more on the forehead. She was thermally a chilly patient. Her bowel, urination and sleep were normal. She used to get scary dreams of ghosts or somebody trying to strangulate her.

She was a housewife staying with her husband and her two sons. Her daughter was married and a housewife. Her husband was a factory manager in a cotton factory. Her elder son was studying engineering and her younger son was graduating as a Homeopathic doctor.

She was short tempered and of an irritable temperament. She could not tolerate loud noises and liked peace and serenity. She was sensitive and could easily cry on trifles. She used to get tense easily and think a lot on small issues. She had complete faith in God and was a religious person.

Her childhood was stressful as she grew up without parents.

She had tendency for frequent cold in the past and suffered from typhoid twice in the past.

In the family, her mother was a Diabetic patient and had suffered from Tuberculosis.
Her sister was Hypertensive and one maternal aunt had also suffered from Tuberculosis.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case in detail and she was prescribed a constitutional remedy and a research based medicine.

In the first 6 weeks of treatment there was a remarkable improvement by 50 %. Her rashes had reduced and were of milder intensity. She continued to improve on Homeopathy and became free from urticaria. She could taper down and eventually stop the anti-histamines.

There was a long remission period of 1.5 years after which the patient reported back on 24 April 2011, at Life Force centre for the complaints of Urticaria. Due to some strong triggering factors the Urticaria has relapsed and she is currently undergoing treatment with Dr. Shah.

She responded to the treatment in just three weeks and now she is symptom free.


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