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8 Years girl with vitiligo around both eyes spreading, spots recovered in 6-8 weeks

Eight years, Miss S.S [PIN 16783], a chubby girl from Delhi was brought to Life Force for the treatment of her Vitiligo.

It was recent and around both eyes. It was spreading. The spots were still milky white, but becoming prominent day by day.

There was no family history of Vitiligo.

Her parents were very tense with the impending implications.

They were having sleepless nights.

They had used some creams prescribed by a dermatologist. They were firm believers of homeopathy and so they were seeking the best treatment with Homeopathy.

When they came to the center, an assistant doctor took all the case details and then they were attended by Dr Shah.

vitiligo on eye

She also had colds which were more in the winters.
She was sensitive to cold weather. She had perspiration on her palms and soles.

She was sensitive by nature. She was smart and responsive. She was straight forward and affectionate. She was obedient and yielding. She was living in a joint family and she was well supported. They were all cheerful and happy. The Vitiligo had developed all of a sudden without any obvious cause.

Dr Rajesh Shah examined her under a woods lamp and confirmed Vitiligo.
Some spots were visible to the eye and some emerging spots were more obvious under the woods lamp.

Dr Shah spoke in detail with her parents and explained that this is curable and they should not worry. They were issued a paper giving the guidelines of do’s and don’ts, for parents.

Dr Shah prescribed Silica 30 C and later on silica 200 C as the need arose.

There was some spread in the initial few weeks. Since the child was examined under the woods lamp and her parents were explained about the emerging new spots, they were prepared.

The spread stopped in 6-8 weeks.

And then gently the repigmentation began.

In the next 6-8 weeks, there was a complete recovery in her spots.

In just four months, they saw a huge difference.
The disease was addressed at the roots as per their expectations. Local creams were not required for this internal disease.

(Case study uploaded on 22nd Dec 2011 by Dr. Anand.)

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