Complete freedom from Trigeminal Neuralgia as well as from Carbamazepine

Fifty four years aged patient Mr. R.L.P. (PIN 9001) reported at Life Force on 14 October 2006. He was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia, affecting left side of his face, since the last eight years. The pain would start from the left cheek and radiate to the left eye and the left side forehead. The pain was typically electric shock like.

It would be more after touch, draft of cold air, chewing food, and shaving and even by washing the face. He would get 15-20 pain episodes per day. Each episode would last for 15 seconds to one minute. He was on Tegretol (carbamazepine) 400 mg twice a day and tablet Libotryp (chlordiazepoxide 5 mg, amitriptyline hydrochloride 12.5 mg) twice a day. When he complained to the neurologist of the persistent pain, he was advised to increase the dose of Tegretol.

Patient had the feeling that despite the tablets the pain was persisting, though in low intensity. He was unhappy about it, and upon that, he was advised to increase the dose of Tegretol. When he increased the dose the pain was gone, however he developed side effects to 1200 mg dose per day. He developed uneasiness and drowsiness. He developed vertigo. So he again reduced the dose to 800 mg per day.

He then thought of homeopathy. He was convinced that he would get some homeopathic medicines having good effects without the side effects.
He searched on the Internet and came across Life Force.

His case was studied in detail.

He used to chew tobacco in the past. His sleeps was disturbed; he would wake up at 2-3 am and remain awake for one to two hours.
He had a craving for sweets.

He was more sensitive to the colds and winter. He stayed in Pune with his two children. He had retired from government service. He had served in Air India.
His children were well settled.

He had lived a very stressful life. All through, he had difficulty in adjusting with his salary and day to day expenses and children�s education. When his children were in good jobs now, this disease was troubling him. He was a sentimental person. He would get irritated and express anger, however the anger would not last for long. He was affectionate and helpful. He was socially active in his community.

Dr Shah studied his case details and asked a few more questions. Dr Shah prescribed Kali Carb 30 C and later on 200 C; along with some research based medicine.

On 9 December 2006, he reported 30 % improvement in his pain. On 21 March 2007, he reported 80 % reduction in the pain. The intensity and frequency had gone down very well. He could chew rice from the left side. However he still could not chew chapatti, his staple diet. There was no pain which washing the face or while shaving.

On 4 July 2007, he reported personally to the center. The pain was better by 95 %. He could eat properly. He was advised to avoid eating hard food such as coconut, groundnut. He was advised to avoid exposure to cold air, to avoid sitting in front of the air conditioner, to wear a muffler while traveling by car or train. He would give feedback over the phone and receive the medicines.

He again visited the center on 23 February 2008. He was totally free of all pain. He had gradually reduced the dose of Tegretol, and today he was free from it. On 8th December, 2010, he reported complete relief in TN and he was free from using Tegretol and Libotryp.


Video Testimonial

He thanked Dr Shah, saying, "I had given up the hope of living. Your medicines worked like a blessing for me." He gave a heart felt video testimonial, expressing his gratitude.

He is still under our care. He is pain free and leading a very comfortable life. He has not required Tegretol and Libotryp since the past two years.

(Case study written by Dr AP, on 29th Dec 2011)

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