This is the power of homeopathy in treating allergic conditions.

A 30 years young, petit lady Miss S.D. (Patient Identification Number 7686) visited Life Force on 2 August 2005. She was suffering from frequent colds since her childhood.

When enquired about the frequency and duration, she said that at-least 20 days a month; she would suffer from running nose and sneezing throughout the day and nose block in the evening and night. She would also get ear blockage at times. The colds were triggered by dust, pollen, strong smell, and exposure to draft, change of weather, cold air, winter and rainy season, curds, sour food, even bananas.She would have lots of phlegm; however she did not suffer from cough.

She had a craving for spicy food, sweets and fish. She would have profuse perspiration. The perspiration would leave a yellowish tinge on her clothes.

She was sensitive to cold weather and air conditioner. She required woolens in winter and she always bathed by warm water.

She was a calm and sincere lady. She was working in the government law department in a senior position. She was a workaholic. Her parents were not highly educated. However she had set high goals for herself and at 27 she had become a class one officer. She always wanted appreciation in her work. She was confident and precise.

Her father suffered from allergic rhinitis and diabetes and her mother suffered from high blood pressure and psoriasis. She is also our patient.

Dr Shah examined her; she had a deviated nasal septum and tenderness in her maxillary sinus region, as a result of chronic colds. Dr Shah advised X ray PNS view which revealed bilateral maxillary sinusitis.

We will chronicle her homeopathic treatment at Life Force from 2005 till date.

Dr Shah prescribed Silica 30c. She came for follow up on 15 September 2005. She was better by 20 %, in the colds. Dr Shah examined her and prescribed Silica 200c and Thuja 200c. She reported again on 22 October 2005. She was better in all her complaints by 80 %. The colds, sneezing and nose block were better. Dr Shah continued the treatment. She subsequently reported on 12 December 2005. She was better by 95 % in all her complaints. Her x ray report stated Normal maxillary sinus. Despite the severe winter, she was fine. The treatment was continued till March 2006. She continued to be all right.

She reported again on 9 August 2008. She had a mild recurrence in her colds due to the rainy season. Dr Shah treated her for a period of four months.

She was benefited and could stop the treatment in a short span.

She again reported to the center on 4 January 2012. She had got a mild re occurrence.She was under severe stress due to over work. She was suffering from mild colds since the last two months. Dr Shah attended her and gave medicines.

In the last five years, she has had three relapses. Each time, it was promptly treated with Homeopathy. All her past case records are maintained systematically. Previously, she used to suffer for 20 days a month, and then there have been disease free intervals for years together. Only under adverse environmental circumstances combined with stress, she faced mild relapses. These were promptly taken care with Homeopathy.

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