Chronic Ulcerative Colitis got effectively treated with homeopathy and patient could stop the conventional medicines.

Mr. S.K from Gujarat (Patient Identification Number 11884) was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis (UC) since 6 years. To start with, it was limited to rectum area only. Gradually it had progressed and large intestine got involved. He would pass stools 5-6 times a day. It was preceded by severe abdominal pain and he had to rush to the toilet. He would pass blood and mucus along with the stools. These complaints were associated with flatulence in abdomen. He was on T Sazo 1500 mg per day. His complaints would increase on reducing the dose of Sazo. Previously he had taken steroids 2-3 times. It would give him temporary relief. He was very much frustrated with his sufferings. It was difficult for him to concentrate on work because of the illness. While searching on the internet about the alternate treatment option for UC, he came across the website of Life Force. He discussed his complaints with associate doctor at Life Force and decided to get treated by Dr. Rajesh Shah. He started online treatment on 10th March 2009. He filled all his details in the questionnaire. He was a vegetarian. His appetite was average. He was fond of fried food. He would not sweets. Thirst was reduced. Perspiration was more on face. He was more tolerant to warm weather. He would not tolerate cold. Sleep was sound. Mr. S.K was working in a private company. He was anxious by nature. He was reserved and would not share his emotions with others. He had mentioned that I do get angry if something goes against my will, but I could never react. He would keep on thinking about past disagreeable events. Because of his sufferings, he was not able to concentrate on his work properly. He would feel guilty about that. He would not easily mix with others. He was very much depressed because of his health issues. He wanted to get rid of it completely. His case was studied by Dr. Rajesh Shah. Reports were examined. He was prescribed constitutional medicine along with research based homeopathic medicine. On 20th May 2009, he reported 20-30% improvement in his UC. Abdominal pain was reduced by 20-30%. Stool frequency was 5-6 times a day. Bleeding had reduced. Mucus was still there. He was continuing T Saaz 1500 mg per day. His progress report was studied by Dr. Rajesh Shah and medicines were upgraded. He responded very well to the treatment. On 16th December 2009, there was 40-50% relief. Abdominal pain was further better. Flatulence had reduced. Stool frequency was 5-6 times a day and it was with mucus. He had reduced the dose of T Saaz to 1000 mg per day. There was no significant aggravation in his complaints after reducing the dose of allopathic medicine. On 16th April 2010, he reported further relief in his complaints. Dose of allopathic medicines was further reduced to 500mg per day. Stool frequency was 5-6 times a day. Bleeding had reduced. Based on his feedback, his further course of medicine was prescribed. By 30th November 2010, he could stop his allopathic medicines. On 27th April 2011, he reported 50-60% relief in his complaints. Abdominal pain was better by 50-60%. Stool frequency was reduced to 4-5 times a day. There was no bleeding. Mucus was reduced. Flatulence was reduced by 50-60%. on 30th October 2011, he was 80-85% recovered. He had mild relapse in between after eating outside food. He did not require any allopathic medicines during the relapse. It settled down with only homeopathic medicines. By 21st July 2012, Mr. S.K was 95% recovered from his UC. Stool frequency was reduced to 2-3 times a day. Abdominal pain before passing stools was not there. There were no blood and mucus in the stools. Flatulence was reduced. His anxiety about health got reduced. He could concentrate on his work. He was very much satisfied with the treatment at Life Force. Uploaded on Dr. G.J. 21 December 2012.
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Results may vary from person to person

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