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I started homeopathy immediately after my son’s first episode and have had no relapse since then. Thanks to Dr. Shah for his excellent treatment.

3. 5 years old, Master F. N. K. visited (Patient Identification Number 19454) Life Force on 14th July 2012 with his parents. He had suffered from Nephrotic Syndrome 2 months ago. This was his first episode. It started with cough, swelling all over body and urine protein 4+. He was started with Cortisone 30mg daily which promptly settled the episode in 1 week. At present he was on tapering dose with 18mg every alternate day.

He had also developed frequent cold tendency since 6 – 8 months. He would get cold and cough once a month and it would last a week. He would require antibiotics occasionally.

He would perspire profusely. Warm weather was intolerable for him. His bowel movements were satisfactory. All his milestones were normal.

He was in kindergarten. His parents were working respectively in different companies. His grandparents stayed along with them and were retired.

He was jolly, playful and confident child.

His father had dust allergy. His paternal grandfather suffered from bronchitis. His paternal grandmother had hypothyroidism. His maternal grandfather had high blood pressure and heart disease.

Dr. Shah prescribed him research based medicines.

In first follow up on 6th August his cortisone was reduced to 9mg alternate day under the medical supervision. He had mild cold and cough last week with thick yellowish discharges. He had started with conventional cough syrup but did not find much relief. His urine protein had been trace since last 3 days. Dr. Shah made the necessary changes in the medicines with this feedback.

His father reported on 4th September with improvement in Nephrotic Syndrome. The cortisone was stopped on 28th August. The cold and cough reported last time was resolved in a week’s time with last prescription. The urine protein had been trace for 3 days but later came nil without intake of cortisone. Dr. Shah noted the feedback and upgraded his prescription.

He visited on 25th October. A month back his urine protein had come 3+ but it was well managed with homeopathic medicines. He did not require taking cortisone medicines. He had been lately suffering from cold and coughs which needed a course of antibiotics once. He had always been more prone to cold and cough in the months of September to December. Dr. Shah upgraded his prescription and added few medicines.

He reported on 1st December with further improvement. His urine protein had been nil since last course of medicines. He did not get any episode of cold and cough.

He reported on 3rd January 2013 with further improvement in Nephrotic Syndrome. His frequency of cold and cough had also reduced. He got a cold and coughs a week back which was recovered with homeopathic medicines. His urine protein had been trace for 2 – 3 days.

His mother reported on 20th February with further improvement in Nephrotic Syndrome. The frequency of cold was also reduced further.

He reported on 15th May, he did not have any episode of Nephrotic Syndrome in last 2 months. The frequent cold was also nil in last 2 months. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded.

After 1 years treatment his parents reported with no episode of Nephrotic Syndrome or Frequent cold in last 3 – 4 months. He did not require any conventional medicines.
With homeopathic medicines he had wonderfully recovered.

He has been continuing with the medicines to minimize the chances of relapses and maintenance of his recovery.

Early intervention of homeopathy in such cases is a boon to the development of a child and help in negating the effects of cortisone.

Uploaded on 31st October 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.

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